Monday, April 23, 2012

My Antiquing Adventures

On Saturday, the boys and I, and my friend Tamara went to Shupp's Grove, an outdoor antiques market. (check out their website--Mitch designed it!) It's a pretty neat place and I could have spent hours wandering around, but the boys only lasted so long:( I'm planning my next trip there sans kids ASAP. I snapped some pics of things that caught my eye and thought you'd like a peek too.

I thought this huge sign was super cool. I'd totally hang it in my (soon-to-be) dining room. It was double sided too.

Most of the vendors had tables set up, but the Junk Chick had a cute little store. Love her motto--"In Rust We Trust."

This is a crappy picture, but you get the idea--stuff everywhere! My eyes didn't know where to look first. We didn't stay too long 'cause the boys were having way too much fun in there and I was one worried Momma. (Bull in a china shop? Yeah, those would be my two little bulls boys.)

This was some sort cloche that I thought would look pretty cool repurposed into a light fixture.

This is kinda hard to see--look closely. It's a glass shelf supported by three crusty corbels--ya see it? I'm totally diggin' accent pieces like this; anything that incorporates salvaged materials is cool in my book.

Had to snap this in honor of Mitch's home country:) (and province too)

And this one too.

I seriously considered buying this pendant light to put in our current (the boys' future) bedroom. Doesn't the wood grain look cool? And at $20, it was the right price. But then I thought that my 6'11" husband wouldn't think it was so cool when he'd knock his head into it every time he walked into that room. Pass.

This one stand had a ton of Pyrex dishes. Look at all those vibrant colors!

Fun table and chairs.

Totally thought this was the real deal but the dealer assured me it wasn't. That was nice of him, wasn't it? I totally woulda been struttin' my stuff thinking I was all bad with a real Louis. Saved myself the embarrassment. But the dealer did say he does get some of the real stuff in sometimes. He said he got a suitcase at Goodwill not long ago for $3.99. (see, I told ya that antique dealer shop at GW too!)

And the sole purchase of the day (besides an amazing beef bbq sandwich), three of these dish rags. I love these things. They seriously do the best job out of all dish rags I've ever had (and this is coming from a lady who's washed her fair share of dishes--just got our first dishwasher last year.) The lady who crocheted them was the owner of the booth. Sweet lady. And I know she's not gonna buy a vacation home in Tahiti with the proceeds any time soon--these were only three for $5. 

That was my fun outing this weekend. I'm so ready to go back. So if you're ever in the Lancaster County neighborhood, stop by Shupp's Grove. It's a antique-lover's paradise!


  1. Lots of good eye candy. That shade is really cool but I guess you are right about the height issue.

  2. The funny thing is I drive past Shupp's Grove almost everyday and I've never been there, every year I think that I want to go, but I still haven't.

    1. That IS funny. You need to go sometime! It's really unique and you never know what you'll find there. And go hungry--they have great food!

  3. I would have cried if I had to leave that round table behind.


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