Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Laptops, Greenhouses, and Windows, OH MY!

Let me explain my lack of posting here lately. My laptop is a piece of (fill in the blank) and is super slow. So that, in and of itself, has been the main reason why I haven't posted much lately. It literally takes FOREVER for me to do one simple post...ugh. But to add insult to injury (literally) I had had enough of my slow-as-molasses computer and kinda broke the screen. (What? Don't you twist your computer screen if it's not doing its job?) So yeah, my laptop is pretty much history unless I plug it into our tv, and seriously, who has time for that nonsense? But good news! A new laptop is on its way:) We're picking it up tomorrow at H.H. Gregg. And BTW, if you're looking for a new inexpensive laptop, check out the one we got. It was even approved by our computer geek friend (love ya, Jason!) Okay, now that you know why I've been absent around these here parts lately, let me show ya what the latest and greatest is around our house: a mini greenhouse.

Hope you didn't get too excited when you saw the word greenhouse. Yeah, this isn't anything great--actually Mitch whipped two of these boxes up for me in no time flat. But can I just tell you how excited I am about them?

What got me thinking about a mini greenhouse/cold storage thinger was when we were out at our local hardware store looking at the gardening stuff. I'm not too successful with seeds, at least I haven't been in the past. I don't know what I did wrong, but I'm hoping this year is the big turn-around. So anyway, we were at the hardware store and I was going to pick up one of those plastic tray things with the clear plastic lid, know what I mean? Something like this.

Myers/Akro Mills Plastic Greenhouse Kit

But then, my cheap self didn't want to shell out the eight bucks or so for one. Plus I'm sure we would have needed more than just one. So in the back of my mind, I thought of using a window to create the same effect. Off to Pinterest I went. And that's where I found these.

Cool, right? So my next mission: find some free windows. That part didn't take long. I knew of a window and door place about 10 min. away that sometimes had "junk" out front with a free sign attached to them. The boys and I hopped in the car and 10 minutes later I was loading in five old windows into my trunk. Score, baby. Then Mitch made a wooden frame for me with some "nice" scrap pallet wood.

Measured perfectly to size (he's gettin' good at this stuff;)) 

Then we broke out the seeds. We planted a little bit of everything (and still have a little bit to go, I  think). Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, even a couple watermelon seeds went in there. And also some varying flower seeds.

Ry was my big helper.

We have both "greenhouses" on our Bilco doors in full sun. And can I just show you how Mitch made these boxes fit like a glove? These particular windows have a ledge around them, making them perfect for this project and Mitch made the boxes so the window actually fits nice and snugly inside the box. That guy's awesome.

Since the window frames are made of metal, Mitch couldn't attach a hinge, so I just lift the lid (with that handy little latch there) and place the window down while attending to my little seedlings.

So there ya go. See, I might be slackin' in posts these days but we're still goin' strong with projects around here. Now I must say--there's been one HUGE PLUS in destroying my computer screen. Youtube videos are SO much cooler on a big screen.


  1. Great teamwork, Team H! I'm excited for you to see growth in your little greenhouses. My mom was always so good at that stuff! Cute Youtube watchers :)

  2. I have missed your posts, but yea for a sweet new laptop. I had no idea what you were talking about when you said you were using the windows for cold storage, now I know.

  3. I love this idea! A mini green house is wonderful.


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