Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heart Attacks and Baked Raviolis

Why hello there. It's me, Kat. Do you remember me? I's been a while. But good news--I have a new laptop so I'm hoping that means more frequent posts. I've seriously been computer-free for like a week (maybe even longer...I don't know, you start to lose track of days after a while). I'm going through withdrawal here and I missed you guys! But baby I'm back. And I don't really have a whole lot to blog about either. Let's see...what's happening in my world? Oh yeah, my brother Chris (who is 38) just had a heart attack. Talk about unbelievable. So they did a heart cath on him today and there were no blockages (thankfully). Get this--he has a abscessed tooth and that's what they think caused the heart attack. Sheesh. Can you believe that? So needless-to-say, I've brushed my teeth like 27 times today. Okay, not really. But can you SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT??? A jacked up tooth almost made my brother die. MAN. So I made some raviolis to take to him, his wife and family tomorrow. (how ya like that transition?)

I've never been a huge fan of ravioli before. I don't know...there's something about overcooked wet pasta that you dump some sauce on that's never been really appealing to me. But my friend suggested I try baked ravioli. And what can I say--it's pretty bangin'. Super easy and really quite delicious. All I did was brown some ground beef, throw some sauce in the bottom of a 9x9 pan, alternating layers of sauce, meat, (still frozen) raviolis, and put a healthy serving of mozzarella on top. Cover it with foil, bake for 30 min. at 400, take the foil off and bake a couple more minutes uncovered. I also made a pan for us too. Ours was gluten free but totally delicious (and believe me, I was skeptical). I'm totally diggin' this sauce lately. It's a great pizza sauce (someday I'll share my pizza dough recipe...yum) in addition to pasta dishes (as I found out tonight). I usually add some brown sugar to my sauces, but this one is great as is. I highly recommend it.


This was the GF ravioli I used. Delish. Bonus points--I got it at a discount grocery store for only $1.49. One pack fed my family. A cheap AND delicious meal?? Sign me up!

So there ya have it--from heart attack to baked raviolis all in one post. Told ya I'm back;) 


  1. That is very scary! Glad you're brother is okay. I've made the baked ravioli before and even added a unfrozen/drained spinach layer. My oldest enjoys "toasted raviolis." It's usually served as an appetizer, but he liked it so much he wanted it as his birthday dinner.

  2. Wow! Glad your brother is ok. That is crazy weird! I'll have to try this raviolis recipe. I too, am not found of the traditional method of cooking/eating it.

    p.s. WELCOME BACK!


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