Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Epic Failure in the Kitchen

I've told you guys about my baking nights, but I've never shown ya a pic of the bakers. So here ya go. Tamara and Lisa come over Wednesday evenings after my boys have left for Awana at church and we bake it up!

I've shared some pretty awesome recipes on here that we've whipped up together (amazing chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate Harvest Cake, & Puff Pastry Bundles.) But never have I shared a flop recipe. Well there's a first time for everything. Enter: Charlotte Russe dessert. This particular recipe was passed down from Tamara's great grandmother (who was French) and Tam's Mom remembers eating it when she was a little girl. But that's about the extent of what we knew about this dessert. We didn't know how things were supposed to look, taste, get the idea. Well let me just show ya.

It started out's Lisa breaking up the cookies (Oreo and choc. chip) for the crust. (The original recipe calls for lady fingers, but Tam's GG used to use any kind of broken-up cookie.)

We should have stopped there, broken out some Ben & Jerry's and had ourselves an ice cream party.

But no, I heated the milk, egg yolks, and sugar on the stove.

 Tam's whippin' up the egg whites for the topping.

 This is where it starts to get a little gross. WARNING: you may want to look away at this point.

This dessert doesn't even make sense! Meringue on top of that?

And this is the finished product...oh my word. Can we say cauliflower cake?? 

Oh man.

Wanna see how it's supposed to look?

Yeah, not even close. I do want to tackle making this again (probably NOT trying to perfect Tamara's great g-mom's recipe though!) because it looks like an amazing dessert. So there ya have it--a total flop, an epic fail, disaster in a spring form pan. Oh well...ya live and learn, right? How about you? Have you made any "interesting" things lately? (BTW, I will not be adding this to my recipes tab on my home page, just in case you were wondering.)


  1. Okay, so it didn't look that great, but how did it taste???

    1. Let's just say it's going out in the trash today:( I thought it was super sweet and I just couldn't get past the was worse after it set for a while, kinda rubbery. All in all, total failure!

  2. LOL, I love to see the younger generation trying things from scratch....this receipe is delicious! It's supposed to be broken cookies, and custard, a 'cheap' dessert for a 'large' 14 children, family...not baked in a spring form pan,that I know of, Memere used glass baking dishes, probably like a rectangular one... and I don't remember the meringue, but it might have been added after...not to be baked with....I only know I ate as much as they would allow me to, but then Memere had a 'magic' touch with all her baking....Sorry it didn't turn out well for you...and pretty it's not, lol...but filled with love...Lovely girls baking in the kitchen...God is good....

    1. Oh man, I really don't know what we did wrong...we followed everything as written! We weren't sure what kind of dish to bake it in so we went with the spring form since the pictures we saw of Charlotte Russe looked like they were baked in one. We still had a blast baking together! I really couldn't stop laughing...oh well, we'll try again, I'm sure:)

    2. I just told my mother and she's laughing's not supposed to be baked she said, you make the custard pudding and you can add maple flavoring if you like instead of vanilla, and this gets poured over the broken cookies, which they used to buy in the store, they would sell the bottom of the bins for cheap...that's why all the assortment of cookies...and when it's settled through the cookies you refrigerate it...I'm thinking the receipe is not right...and those french words, she calls it 'gelatruce', I don't know how to spell it....but I called it Charlotruce...which probably isn't right either....

    3. Interesting...yes, that makes sense about not baking it since the mixture was pretty much pudding. (some of the other recipes we checked out had pudding mix in there) Oh my! What's with the topping though? Maybe you're supposed to use a torch on it to get it browned?? Who knows!

  3. I'm thinking this is a conspiracy and they really don't want us to know their secret recipe! I would just scratch the topping, I don't remember it...In fact, I will tell Tamara to ditch the whole recipe...don't need to be wasting more ingredients...but she does have a French recipe book with 'authentic' recipes from French Canadians from Woonsocket, I bet you don't even want to see it, lol....

  4. hahaha, it looks just like the picture. Is that your double boiler that you are heating the ingredients in? I've never seen anything like it and I need one. Also will you ask Tamera where she got her shirt, it is adorable.


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