Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We Have Light

While I do realize that the sight of this electric box probably does nothin' for ya, and actually for some of you, might have even had your heart rate pick up out of FEAR, but for me this little blue box gets my heart racing for another reason: it's done. Well, I know it looks far from done, and you really don't have to call the Fire Marshall on us so put the phone down please. But for me this means that now we have light out in the stairwell leading down to our finished basement. Oh happy day.

I also realize that many of you would already be dead had you had to look at this for almost two years. But do you see that glimmer of light around the corner at the bottom of the stairs? YAY! (We have BIG plans for that stairwell--think barn wood:))

And while it looks far from done, we're well on our way, boys!

So would you pretend to be happy for a sec and jump around for me? No? Okay, just a silent cheer will do. 

This is what Mitch accomplished last night while I went to bed at literally 9:00. 

 And the boys and I are thrilled:)

So while everything else pretty much looks like crap, at least now we can see the crap! It's gonna be a good day.


  1. Ok I'll jump around for you because I would have been scared to go into a basement with no light so kudos for you!

  2. Oh good, Now I won't have to go to the basement crawling backwards on my hands and knees for fear of falling face first into a dark dungeon. That is a major accomplishment for an old Ma! Grandma Hertzler

  3. Yay! I know the joy and excitement of small steps to the finished project (been doing it for 4 years..ugh!). Congrats and all that!! Stop by the Little Shack on the Hill to see our progress!


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