Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shopping Trip

So the other day, a friend and I took the day off (she has a "normal job", while I'm a stay-at-homer) and went shopping. It was so much fun. We hit up Ikea first of all, then we went here.

It was my very first experience at Anthropologie so I was pumped. And there was no lack of creativity going on from the moment we pulled up--loved the building (an old warehouse/factory of sorts), and the decor inside: random, fun, and funky.

Loved this chunky, chippy shelf. Look at those corbels--I mean really.

Beautifully tufted arm chair

Looks like they just pulled this workbench out of someone's garage, but I still kinda digged it. I could see it maybe in my dream studio. (it's true...I have a dream studio tucked into the recesses of my brain. ahh...someday;))

What really had my head spinning was the floor. Check it out, yo.

Don't those look like pallet wood to you? Would that be impossible to accomplish in my own home? Ridiculous? Absurd? Unrealistic? Unsafe? What are your thoughts? ('cause I totally mentioned it to Mitch. And he just looked at me.)

Some crazy-ness going on.

And here's my lone purchase and probably sole purchase EVER from that store since the average price of things there was like $2,000.

This beautiful planter was only $16. Can you believe that? Definitely the best deal in the place. So of course I had to partake. Plus I've been wanting another indoor plant in my life.

Then after our Anthropologie adventure, we went to Trader Joe's where I bought this pot of herbs for my new planter.

And here's everything put together.

Fun times. Do you need shopping days with a friend to keep you sane? Have you had any lately? 


  1. I can't believe that was your first time in an anthro! I have a crazy addiction. I just like walking through there for inspiration. I like your pot ... and I bet the herbs smell amazing in your living room.

  2. I love Anthropologie...their stores are amazing! :) I love the planter you purchased. Your newest follower - Megan

  3. I don't think I have ever bought anything at Anthropologie. Great deal on the planter, it looks right at home. Get anything at Ikea?

  4. Love the planter! What kind of herbs are those? Kat, I can always use a shopping trip with a friend to keep me sane! Let me know when you'd like a buddy! :)

  5. Isn't Anthropologie SO inspiring? Your planter and vignette are once again perfect!


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