Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Let me show you some things that I haven't blogged about...things around the house, recent purchases, etc. that I'm pretty excited about.

First up is this light switch. Mitch got it by accident but it turned out to be a good accident. Do you see the faint backlight behind the switch? That's proven to be very convenient to have. This is the switch for the hall light we installed a few weeks ago. And BTW, I'm lovin' these more modern switches rather than the plain old ones, aren't you? (And it looks like I have to touch up the paint job--see that yellow coming through right above the plate...ugh!) 

Next up: some tedious work. Mitch taped and primed the trim in our bedroom. It's soon ready for a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath (the same as our wardrobes, barn door, and rest of trim in bed/bathroom.)

Thirdly, I know I showed you guys my laundry room cabs, but I don't think I showed you the recent(ish) addition of the clothes bar underneath. It'll be perfect for those items that need to drip dry. (Go here for more pics of our renovation.)

Next we have some recent purchases at GW. I went with a friend last Wed. and spotted these two Coach items in a bin. I was pretty pumped. Especially since the bag was only $9.50 (plus 20% off) and the wallet was $6 (also less 20%). It reminded me of this find a while back. I love me some Goodwill shoppin'.

And lastly, here are my boys enjoying the warm weather we had last week. They were out watching their Grandad mow the grass in their undies/diaper. Oh to be a kid again.

What randoms are happenin' in your life??

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win the ingredients of happiness--making your own delicious chocolate covered pretzels. Your kids/hubby/friends will thank you endlessly for this gift of deliciousness. 


  1. The bottoms up (last photo) can't be beat!!!
    Ma Hertzler

  2. My switches have backlights and I love them. The laundry room is looking great!

  3. I've never thought of those switches but I can see where they would be handy and that laundry room............
    I am running a mud race Sat and I needed some shoes that I didn't mind getting ruined. $2 at Goodwill today and they look newish. booyah!


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