Saturday, March 31, 2012

Progress and a Winner

Thought I'd show ya what Mitch was up to today. Of course it involves more lighting in our, are you guys sick of me showing you lighting projects yet?? Well here they are--our pot light in our bedroom. These are the ones right by our wardrobes. Aren't they sexy little things? (if a light can be sexy, that is.) These pots are from Ikea. We used them in our basement reno and love their little size and crisp, white halogen light. Yum.

And these are on the opposite side of the room above where our bed will be.

Mitch not only had to install these little guys, but he also had to make a "box" out of scrap wood and chicken wire to meet the clearance needed according to code. These halogens can really heat up, so there's specifics on how many inches away the insulation has to be. Proud of my man for figuring all that jazz out and rigging his own concoction up so it's good to go.

Another project crossed off the list. This list is still forever long though. Sometimes it's discouraging for me to see Mitch put in all this time on such a little project when it hardly puts a dent in the forever long list. Will it ever end? I wish we could have a team of men for ONE Saturday and knock out everything. Seriously, I think that's all it would take and I'd have my master bedroom to ourselves and a tub to take a long soak in. Someday...

Anyway, on to the giveaway. I guess not many of you like chocolate covered pretzels since there were only seven comments! Come on, people! This is chocolate we're talkin' about here. Sheesh.

Congrats, Michele G--you're our lucky winner! Email me at so I can mail those puppies out. And for the rest of you, have a good non-chocolate covered pretzel day.


  1. Dear lord, I do love the color of your built-ins. Have I mentioned that before? Oh, only 30 times you say?

    You really are lucky to be married to such a handy guy. I just seals the deal that you have great taste when you go for halogen in your pot light. (And the edison style yellow-y bulb you mentioned in a previous post!)

  2. It sounds weird for someone to actually refer to me as handy :)

  3. Yeah for problem solving and not having to hire someone! That room of yours is going to be so awesome. I love the color of the wardrobes and hardware. You are getting closer!


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