Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kitchen Pendants

I'm happy to report to you all that our barn lights are installed above our kitchen island:) It's a glorious thing being able to see what you're cooking!

We were experimenting with different types of bulbs--can you noticed the difference in lighting here? The light on the left is more yellow while the bulb on the right is white.

The bulb on the left is an Edison-style light bulb.

While the one on the right is just a regular one.

I love the detail to the Edison bulb. For those not familiar with this type of light bulb, it's characterized by its elongated shape, the little blob of glass that dips down at the end, and the filament inside which when lit looks like an old-timey bulb (know what I mean?) In other words--super cool. But the one thing about these bulbs is that the light they produce is definitely more on the yellowish-tint side. And I didn't know how I'd feel about that but once we had it up, it's definitely the route we're going. Not only because the bulb itself looks awesome, but the light is softer and not as glaring as with the regular bulb. The effect of the regular bulb was definitely more sterile, and that's not what I'm going for in my kitchen. I want to it look warm and homey and Edison here fits the bill. I got this bulb a while ago for another light (actually it was for the pendant above the kitchen sink, but didn't like the effect there). You can find these at Home Depot. I've looked before at Lowe's but have never found them there. They have "Edison" bulbs by GE there but they're not the same as this kind (they're not the elongated with the extra glass at the bottom.)

I'm really into small details that totally "make" something. And I think this bulb is one of those little details that takes it from just an "okay light" to an awesome one. And it reminded me of this quote I pinned a couple weeks ago.

I love how the new pendants give a nod to the antique pendant above the sink--they're of the same color family but not the exact shade. (thanks for that idea, Vanessa!) And they're both vintage/industrial.

And while I was taking these pictures, I looked through some of the pics I had on my camera and look what I found--what our kitchen looked like a little over a year ago. (You can see the bottom of our old ceiling fan at the top of the pic.)

And the "almost after".

Yay for progress! And hopefully soon we'll have it totally done with the wall to the left (not shown) knocked out opening up to our "dining room" and a sliding door where the current door is. Are you as antsy as I am for completion?

I need to say a HUGE thank you to our friend John who hooked us up with a free powder coating job. A friend of his had a powder coating business (we sneaked in on his last day!) and gave us the major hookup with coating our lights in this fun green all for nada. I guess it pays to have friends in high places:) I love unique-ness so I'm thrilled that we are probably the only ones with lights like these in this shade of green. (I'm a dork, I know.) The original lights we bought at Lowes and then thought we'd personalize them to our space by having them powder coated--a decision I'm so glad we went with!

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  1. I absolutely love them. The color is perfect and they add the perfect bit of industrial without feeling cold.

  2. Love, love, love! Your kitched make-over looks AMAZING, and I love the old farmhouse look. One o fmy dear older friends was a traveling salesman for Scott-Forseman in the 1950's...shock! She was a lady, and they just didn't DO that! She wsa a hoot. Anyway, she asked for a blackboard that was in the dumpster of a school she was visiting, and they gave it to her. She made a kitchen table from it! So cool!

    Enjoy your lights...they look fantastic! Come see me anytime!

    Vicky @ sleeping in an unmade bed

  3. I ADORE the colour of your lights! They add so much interest to your kitchen. Oh, and I much prefer the warmer, more yellow light. Fantastic looking bulb, too.

  4. I love these type of lights and the color you chose is amazing!

  5. I really love the colour you chose, what can I say I have a soft spot for turquoise.

  6. I love them! The color is gorgeous! Your whole kitchen is stunning. Would you link up to my Friday party?

  7. Oh I love them even more installed. That color looks great with your roman shade

  8. Kat, they are sooooo perfect for the space. And I have to say that I love the color with the yellow fabric you chose for roman shades!! Yeah for friends in high places!

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