Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

I decided to jump on the wagon and enter Ryder's room in this:


So for those who haven't seen his room, here are some shots. (You can find before pics of this room here.)

And this is what started the entire makeover: a pallet wood ceiling.

Our inspiration for the ceiling came from these projects both Mitch and I pinned on Pinterest.

And of course, Katie Bower's project;)

As you can see, none of these projects featured a ceiling constructed of pallet wood, but only walls. (We love thinkin' outside the box!) The ceiling in Ryder's room was hideous so we wanted to cover it up, hence the idea of pallet wood. To read the step-by-step procedure of how we completed the pallet wood ceiling, go here.

We're thrilled with how the ceiling turned out and sometimes Mitch and I and the boys all lie down on Ryder's bed and stare up at the ceiling, admiring the beauty of it. It really does look super cool:)

For more details on the room/furniture and more DIY projects of this room go here.


  1. Absolutely adorable! I love the desk...I had the exact one when I was a little girl :) Megan

  2. Every time I see pictures of Ryder's room, I'm more and more impressed!

  3. I would look at that ceiling all day long if it were in my house. Sort of like a mobile for adults and kids too big for a crib.


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