Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Things...

Isn't it such a good feeling when you've patiently waited for something then you find it when you least expect it? Such was the case for me--I've been searching for a rug for our living room for years now. I didn't want anything too trendy that I'd have to switch out in a few years, and I (of course) didn't want to spend like a million bucks on something that no doubt my boys will track dirt on (the least gross thing I could think of). I wanted something timeless, antique preferably since I love all things with a history. The other day I casually checked Craigslist for rugs and that's when I found it: MY rug. I think this may be one of the best deals I've ever scored and I've scored many a deal in my day;) So yesterday we unrolled the rug in our living room so we could see how it fit/looked in there. We still have so much to do in there before this rug goes in, including ripping up the carpet/finishing the floors. But here she is:

Aren't the colors awesome?

I tried to do some research on antique rugs, but I could spend hours reading and not really get anywhere. I do recall an antique dealer asking me once, "Do you know how to tell if a rug is an antique?" Of course I shrugged my shoulders. He proceeded to flip the rug over and point to the backing. He said if it's weaved in the back, it's an old rug. I'm assuming this is weaved in the back, right?

So if you happen to be a rug expert, can you shed some light here? But for now, I'm super thrilled with my find. I love my new rug:) 

Have you waited patiently for something and it finally came along? What's your story?

Oh and the cost of the rug--$35. Amazing, right?


  1. That rug was worth the wait --- gorgeous!

  2. You are kidding....Right?? It looks like it came out of an old Mexican Restaurant.

  3. What a deal! I can SO see it with the wood floors peaking out from underneath. Just incredible!

  4. I am so impressed by your amazing find -- for $35?! My goodness. It's gorgeous, btw!

  5. Love this! You may like this post about my CL rugs. I actually was able to purchase them from a history professor that did her thesis on antique rugs. She told me that the weaving on the back does show the quality and age. Also, how yours appears "as pretty" on the back as the front is a huge factor in showing the quality. I love antique rugs. Check out my past post but I would also love for you to share your blog on my Meet Me Monday party. It starts at 4 and my readers would love to meet you. Awesome find! Love, Me here is a link to my past post:

  6. Yea! I am so glad you bought the rug. The colors look great. Now if you can just find someone on the side of the road giving a way a ton of hardwood and wanting to install it for free. Haha but if it would happen to anyone it would be you.

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