Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty Storage

Where do you store your kitchen utensils? Are you an organized drawer storer or a counter clogger-upper? Personally, I like to have my utensils within arm's reach, so mine have always been in a turn-about on my counter. I know that started out of necessity since my kitchen was teeny and drawer space was at a premium. But now, I prefer it that way. What I was struggling with lately though was a nicer way to display them. The turn-about was definitely functionable, but just not super fashionable, know what I mean? So while I was at a thrift shop the other day, I spotted two silver trays. It was then that I decided I needed them for my kitchen--for pretty's sake.

So I gathered up some old silver pitchers, ironstone, and a clay pot and sorted through all my utensils, placing them in their respective containers. And they all (except for one pitcher) sit on those lovely trays.

I feel so organized! And now I don't have to search through my old turn-about looking for my garlic press. I know exactly where it is. For now, at least.

And my garlic has a place all its own in my little ironstone bowl. That's the one Mitch got me for Christmas, 'member?

Literally ten minutes after I finished this little project, I visited one of my favorite blogs, For the Love of a House, and check out what she posted that day.

Beautiful, isn't it?

What have you prettied up lately?

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  1. I LOVE how all your different containers look! My utensils are also on my counter. Mine are all crammed (and I do mean crammed) into an old crock. I love the separation idea. I have lots of asst containers that I'm going to try! Thanks for another great idea!
    Sarah Svoboda

  2. It looks awesome, Kat. Eclectic, collected, perfect. And so funny, because I also post about my stuff on a silver tray in the kitchen Friday too!

  3. Great photography and a great use of your silver trays. How do you keep it from tarnishing?

    1. Well since I just got them, we're okay in the tarnish dept. But when it does happen, I'll just use some silver polish to brighten them up.

  4. I don't know if "organizing" qualifies for "prettying up," but in my book, de-cluttering is pretty (pretty awesome, that is!) I emptied my bathroom drawer, Clorox-wiped it down, cleaned out the 6 storage containers (with Clorox wipes), and re-organized all the clutter, I mean, contents. So, now my makeup has its own container, my hair products have theirs, my dental floss & toothpaste have theirs, my scents have another, etc. AND, I even re-purposed a shallow basket, in which I was given a Christmas present,to store tissues, lotion, earrings, etc. for my counter top. SO excited!
    I plan to tackle my cluttered kitchen utensil drawers next!
    My husband won't know whose house he's in! LOL

  5. I have a love hate relationship with this very thing! Space is at a premium in our kitchen so we have our most used/necessary cooking utensils stored on the counter; I like having on hand but hate having things cluttering up the space.

    The vessels you've used to store your utensils are lovely, very unique!

  6. I keep my utensils out too - so much simpler! I too collect vintage silver and yours look fabulous on the counter! Newest follower

  7. I like using pretty containers on my kitchen counter, desk, etc. I like how you organized your utensils.
    Your newest follower, Mary Alice

  8. I love the look of the items on the trays. I keep my wooden and metal utensils out on the counter but any plastic, etc. stashed in a drawer. ;) I saw For the Love of a House too and loved her arrangement too. I arranged a coffee station on my counter on an ironstone platter with spoons in a pitcher, sweetener, coffee and powdered creamer. It has definitely simplified coffee making. :)

  9. I love this idea. I'm way into trays right now. Might have to steal, I mean borrow your idea.

  10. Great idea! That totally gets me thinking...

  11. I like that contrast between silver and pottery in the one tray. I'm actually one of those drawer-people who don't like anything on their counters, but my cooking knives are on the counter in easy reach!

  12. I love the mix of fancy silver with pottery. All of my utensils clutter up a drawer. Although several weeks ago I bought a tray at GW with intentions on giving it to a friend but it has been living on my kitchen counter holding mugs. Great minds think alike!

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