Friday, February 24, 2012

Our DIY Light

Are you guys sick of my talking about lighting yet? No? Sweet. Well here's another post on the subject. And it's another project that we Mitch crossed off the list last night. Mitch got out of work early yesterday (!) so we went to Lowe's (what? that's not the first place you run to when you get a chance?) to check out lighting for our teeny lightless hallway. Don't mind all the unfinished-ness going on in this picture. We obviously still have to put the crown up and finish the trim. (and don't worry--I attacked that huge cobweb on the left there after I spotted it in this pic.)


So after looking around at Lowe's and not really finding exactly what we liked, (truth--we didn't want to spend a ton on this light) I looked up at Mitch and I could see his wheels spinnin'. I asked him what he had in mind and the genius suggested we buy this light (that was less than $5)

and since we weren't a fan of the holy whiteness going on or the shape of the globe, he suggested that I spray the base oil rubbed bronze (which we already had) and swap out the globe for this one.

Isn't he so smart? I'm one lucky girl. And I also happen to be a fan of schoolhouse lighting, so I was on board. Plus the schoolhouse globe was under $5 too. Shabam.

Ho hum


I used this.

And here's Mitchell sawing away at the ceiling after (of course) he measured everything out perfectly. He's getting so good at this!!

Check out the chunk o' ceiling he pulled out! That puppy was thicker than the electric box he put in. There's drywall, tiles, then drywall. Explanation: When we moved in, the entire house had bugly (butt-ugly--and yes, Mitch coined that term) ceiling tile.  So when we redid our kitchen a year ago, we drywalled the ceiling right on top of the tiles. You can read all about that here.

Look at how tiny that bulb looks in Mitch's hand--ha! I didn't get a super close-up cause I botched the paint job. I get excited with these things and don't want to wait the allotted time for things to dry, so I oversprayed the base and it's kinda drippy looking. I'm planning on getting on that today. Thankfully, Mitch is pretty much the only person who can see it:) works!!

And here's our new hall light. I'm so excited:) It's simple and kinda one-of-a kind, thanks to our spin on it.

So there ya go--we have a new light that we rigged ourselves and it cost around $10. Pretty sweet, right? Now onto that trim...

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  1. It looks awesome. You are quick...It takes Phil and I several days to years to make decisions. I actually looked at a light like that but hands down to far.

  2. Y'all are so smart! I totally want to copy that idea and replace the lights in our laundry room and closets.

  3. WEll done! This looks great. I just came across your blog and am now your newest follower!

  4. Yay for good looking and inexpensive changes! Love that.

  5. Great job -- it looks waaay cool! And honey, I had to LOOK for the cobweb. You should see some of MINE. I Photoshop them out all the time!

  6. Oh wow, that light look fantastic! It looks just like this light ( that's over 10 times the price. Awesome!

    1. DOES look just like that light! YAY for DIY projects:)


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