Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crazy Trash-Pickin' Lady

Did I ever show you guys the pair of chairs I found FREE alongside the road? 

Oh wait...wrong picture. Here we go.

Did I getcha?? What--you're not into the ripped up look? And you can't believe THESE chairs were free? Yep. It's true. The chairs that Fluffy ripped up were sitting alongside the road waiting for the garbage truck. And this sucker here took them in. (much to my husband's dismay)


Okay, just look past the obvious roughness here--can you see that these have the potential of being GREAT again? I love the details: nailhead trim, the piping, and those legs. And the fact that they're a pair--bonus.

They have potential, don't they? (I'm already convinced. I think.)

So this is the plan when we get some extra cash--obviously get them reupholstered in a newer fabric and put them in our *finished* bedroom. I'm stuck though on what kind of fabric to go with. Do I do more of a graphic print or something neutral? Or maybe graphic but neutral...hmm.

Neat piping.

Slipcovered variety

I'm kinda diggin' this charcoal velvet.


I don't think I could pull off a super graphic print like these, but they are pretty.

Here are some graphic neutral ones. Ooh la la.

So what would you do? Graphic, neutral, or graphic neutral? OR stick them back outside for the garbage truck?


  1. These chairs have great bones, but be sure to pay close attention to a few things when you get down the the reupholstering steps:

    1)the frame is probably the most important part of the chairs, check to see if there are lots of staple\nail holes in the frame, indicating whether they have been reupholstered in the past or not. More holes = weaker frame. fill as many as you can with a putty wood filler and it wouldn't hurt to go over the entire wood frame with a wood conditioner (hardener).

    2) closely inspect your batting & foam. Everyone should be on the look-out for bed bug stains, as they could put you at risk of your own home getting infested. If the foam is otherwise stained, dirty or smelly you can replace everything with high density & roll foam from an upholstery or restoration shop.

    3)Save the old pieces of fabric to make the pattern for the new upholstery; and: the last piece to come off is the first one to go on.

    Good luck! Reupholstering is a long, tedious job, but there's more stapling & tacking involved than sewing. With a little perseverance & a lot of ambition you can totally turn these tired chairs into gems :)

  2. I think they would look perfect on our neighbors burn pile ;)

  3. I was tricked, but honestly I like the lines of your chairs better. I would go with a neutral graphic or neutral with a graphic pillow or throw. I saw a sofa at GW yesterday for $30 that I can't get out of my mind. It was really clean lines and had a slipcover. It would be so easy to take the slip apart and make a new one. It was also really deep, about the size of a twin bed. I've tried to figure out any place it can go but alas no room and I already have a couch. Ok I should shut up , rich people problems.

  4. These chairs are actually awesome! The shape is perfect, which is really all that matters :). Good find!

  5. Got an idea. Take off the legs, burn the rest. Go to Boscov's and buy a set of chairs on sale. Attached old legs and you have it. Little work, no bugs, and new chairs. Sounds like a good plan to me. I'll watch for the fire behind the neighbors. Mom

  6. Replies
    1. Leave it to you...

      Just you wait and see...they'll be the awesome-est chairs you ever did see. And you'll be jealous.

  7. They have a great shape, Kat. And you have a good eye, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise! As for the pattern, I think if you are craving something graphic, but are scared to go that route (I would be -- upholstery is nothing to sneeze at and can't be easily changed, as we know) I'd go with the piping. It will always be classic, but lends itself to the graphic edge.

  8. You totally had me with the first picture! I was like, "NO WAY"! Hey, anything is possible esp. if you found that alabaster lamp for $10! The chairs you did find will look awesome once you upholster them. And, I couldn't agree more with Camille's comment about the piping esp. in a contrasting color. OR have you thought about ticking stripe - forever classic and will go with anything!


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