Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thrifted Christmas Gifts

As promised, I'm showing you the gifts Mitch and I got for each other when we decided to shop at thrift stores for Christmas. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I suppose next year I'll have to start early to find those special/unique treasures. It was a lot of fun and I'd encourage anyone to give it a whirl. Of course you don't have to wait till Christmas to get your significant other a gift--randomly surprise him/her with something special. After all, those are the best gifts, are they not?

Let's start with Mitch's gifts to me. Okay, so this one he kinda cheated on, since I spotted it when we were out antiquing one day. It's an Audubon print. I don't think it's an original, but it's old and not a recent reproduction if it is a repro at all. I love it.

It's currently hanging above our bed--safer place than behind the couch in "storage." 

Another Federal style mirror to add to my collection. (This now makes three!) You can catch another glimpse of the Audubon print and a teeny sliver of Federal style mirror #3 in the reflection.

An old ironstone dish that will someday hold our keys on a table in our new entryway. (What a glorious day that will be!)

I love its imperfections.

Cute little toothpick holder

This was not a Christmas present but was purchased yesterday at a thrift store. Mitch spotted it, showed it to me and when he saw I loved it, said, "I woulda gotten this for you if I were shopping alone." So we're gonna count that one. I have a mini collection of hobnail milkglass pieces, but this one has to be the cutest.

And thus concludes Mitch's gifts to me. Oh, he also got me something else that's very exciting, but I'll have to show you another day since it's being stored elsewhere:)

And here's what I got Mitch. We'll more-than-likely add this to our gallery wall.

These were another one of those "cheater" gifts. Both of us were out with the boys one day at a thrift store (before Christmas) and we spotted this stool and mitre box. They were just too cool to pass up, so we bought them for each other.

And this really neat wooden box. We'll find a use for it, I'm sure;)

We got some awesome stuff, didn't we? Up top, thrift shops! So whatcha think? Are ya gonna give it a try sometime? Maybe start with someone who you know will appreciate a thrifted gift. Of course there are some anal people out there who might give you a weird look if he/she opened up a gift and found a chipped bowl in there. So choose your recipients wisely. As for me, shoot, I'll take one any day.


  1. I was going to pick a favorite but the gifts just kept getting better. I guess I would say the pinapple toothpick holder even though I hate toothpicks. I would be so excited if someone bought me something from the thrift store as a gift because I feel like that takes so much more effort than buying new. I find things that remind me of others and never get them because I think they may be insulted their gift is second hand.

  2. I was going to pick a fav but they just kept getting better. I would say the pinapple toothpick holder is my fav even though I hate toothpicks. I would love a thrift store gift. I think it takes so much more though to find the perfect secondhand gift instead of buying new. But you are right some people are like ick you didn't spent $200 on me.


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