Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ever finish a project and when looking back, wish you had done something differently? Maybe it was a cost issue--you wish you could have those granite/marble countertops as opposed to the "cheap stuff" or maybe it was simply something you neglected to consider, like adding overhead lighting somewhere. Whatever the case, like they say, hindsight is always 20/20. Well that's what happened to me right after we "finished" (yes, I use that term lightly) our kitchen. It was nothing MAJOR, just something I didn't even think about when planning. The culprit: one lousy outlet. And after our backsplash was tiled, and I stuck my Kitchen Aid mixer on the counter, that's when I thought of it. Dang it! Let me show you what I'm talking about.

Do you see that light switch to the left of my mixer? Why didn't I think of putting in a regular outlet there? That way, I could use that space appropriately and not have to lug my mixer elsewhere to plug it in. See, the thing is, that space to the left of the sink wasn't ever that big. I didn't have a dishwasher before so that area was really tiny. Actually it's where we had our dish rack (is that what it's called? the thing that you put your wet dishes in). So when I plopped the mixer up there after everything was done, it was the perfect spot! Again, dang it! It bugged me for a while, so I mentioned it to Mitch. And check out what he did last night! I'm so excited!! (please excuse the smudge marks--didn't notice them until this pic:/)

Sha-BANG! Do you see that?? Genius! The best of both worlds right there.

So now I don't have to carry that beast over to the island every time I bake. Just plug that puppy in and go.

Mitch said the instructions that came with the switch weren't that helpful so he looked on youtube and found a video that explained everything so easily. So, check it out if you want/need something like this done.

And just like that, all is calm, all is bright in the Hertzler household once again. I just hope when our reno is done, I won't look back and wish we would have done something differently. On second thought, we'll have to do something with all that free time, right?


  1. I love your renovation and what a sweet husband to fix the outlet for you. I know what a pain it is to lug those KitchenAid mixer's around. I keep mine in a cabinet, and have to pull it out every time I use it. BTW your countertops are gorgeous!!

  2. Your kitchen is so pretty. I wish it was in a magazine. The outlet idea is really smart. I never knew that could happen.

  3. I absolutely love your kitchen. Just gorgeous. And, coming from a girl who only has one outlet in her kitchen ... that is an AWESOME upgrade :)

  4. That duck picture looks familiar :)

  5. Oh your kitchen...sigh. How cool is that outlet, light switch combo? I'll have to remember that. Our problem is that we have no outlets at all on one entire side of the kitchen. I wish there was a light switch there so we could add an outlet.
    What a good hubby, you've got.


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