Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Very Merry Goodwill Christmas

So I had the idea the other day that we should buy our immediate family Christmas presents at Goodwill, second hand or other thrift shops. My thinking behind that of course is to save a few bucks but also get unique gifts. There's nothing worse than stressing out two days before Christmas at the mall rackin' my brain on what to get Mitch. I hate that feeling. And then you feel like a complete loser when you can't find that perfect gift and settle with yet another Phillies t-shirt. I'm a big put-thought-into-your-gift person. I love receiving presents that are all wrapped up in pretty paper and ribbons and bows and when you carefully unwrap it (to save the pretties) you find something that's just you. You know what I mean? It takes time and thought and love to get a unique gift. Sure, anybody can go to Walmart and pick out a box of chocolates, but you go that extra mile (in my book) when you make delicious homemade chocolate covered pretzels from your very own kitchen.

 Speaking of unique gifts, one of my all-time favorite presents was this:

Yes, that's right--an old syrup dispenser. You might think I'm crazy but I loved this gift. Mitch got it for me one Christmas when we were dating. It was during my obsessive 50s kitchen craze, when I loved all things red and vintage.

Another thoughtful part about this gift was this note tucked inside.

And you know what was in the top of the barn? This kitchen table (now my desk in our basement.) (Btw, I would never make fun of your handwriting, Mitchell. Okay maybe once and from then on I never heard the end of it...sheesh)


So cute and thoughtful, right? The best presents ever! I just LOVE thoughtful gifts. When we got married, one of my friend's mom gave us a retro-inspired red radio for our kitchen. It was modern--played cds and whatnot but it fit right in with my 50s theme and that was one of my favorite wedding gifts. She saw that radio when she was out shopping and thought of me. Those kinds of gifts just make me smile.

But anyway, getting back to our Goodwill Christmas, so this year we're picking out gifts that are used. And I'm ALL over that since I love old things. Keep your holiday panties, Victoria Secret. I don't need another kitchen towel, Walmart. But rather what is welcome in my home is a cast-off whatever from Goodwill. Something that just reads me. Shoot, you can find some awesome treasures at thrift shops. Maybe you should make a pit stop at GW this holiday season. You never know--you just might find the sweetest little syrup dispenser there.


  1. I love love love this idea!!! I try to do this for one of my best friends she is into the same things as me. I bought her a pretty pewter tray a few weeks ago, but I think I am going to keep it. :/ Can't wait to see what you come up with. Love the syrup/table idea too. And doesn't Mitch work for a syrup company? If so and he didn't then, was it forshadowing. Who knows I may have just made all of that up.

  2. I am thinking Goodwill but.... I am thinking that I miss it 'cause I haven't found one in Costa Rica and I have so many projects in my head that Goodwill would help with.
    Great Idea!

  3. Awesome idea! I'm also the type that would enjoy a GW or thrift store gift. Actually, I think I'd enjoy it more because I wouldn't have to feel guilty a lot of money was spent lol.

  4. Ok, I have two things to say about this...
    1) Tyler and Mitch have the exact same handwriting. lol
    2) My Mom has a table almost exactly like that! It was my great-grandparents. It has the same metal top, but ours has wooden legs and matching chairs. Love!


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