Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Do you see potential in things? I do. Like when Mitch and I walked through our house for the first time (before we bought it) and saw the nasty creamish stained walls and the butt-ugly light fixtures, and the oh my gosh is that cat pee? smell in the carpet; yeah, I can honestly tell you that I still saw potential in the little house that could. I knew it could be something glorious. Okay, well as glorious as a two bedroom rancher could be, at least. I love taking something ugly and turning it into something beautiful or an item that's discarded into something useful. There's not much more that gets me pumped than seeing an awesome transformation. With that in mind, let me just show you some recent purchases I made. You can go ahead and laugh. I did when I saw some of them.

Yeah, needs help. The top is prying off, for one. Then there's this on top.

Now I can appreciate the time and effort that went into this painting of a day lily. It's actually quite good. I mean, really, I couldn't come close to painting anything this good. (You should see my drawings in Pictionary...is that a dog or Texas?) That being said, the day lily is just not me. The whole table's a little rough, right? It actually is literally rough. I almost got a brush burn when I picked this thing up. Sanding needed ASAP for sure.

But do you see the potential?
 This is what I pictured in my head when I spotted the little Moroccan table at GW the other day.


Next up is this faux flower planter. Okay, so this thing looks a million times better on here. It literally looks like crap in person. And it smells. But it's sorta one of those weird I-kinda-like-it smells, know what I mean? It reminds me of my grandmother. She had "flowers" like this in her house and they all had "that smell"--something in between cigarettes and old newspapers stashed in the bottom of a trunk in your basement.  

But I really like the vase. Cute, right? And since my arranging extravaganza the other day, I'm eager to keep trying out new/different arrangements. 

And lastly, this thing.

I'm not even sure what to call it--a post? I have no idea what it was in its former life (maybe part of a banister?) but in its future life it'll be a floor lamp. What, isn't that what you saw too? I love the detail up top.

We'll just cut the bottom off a bit and put some kind of base on it since I think we'd be pushing our luck if we hoped it would just stay in that upright position. I currently have a rinky-dink floor lamp that I've been wanting to beef up and have been looking around for the last year or so for something that'd fit the bill. When I saw it at my local thrift shop, I knew it could possible work. So we'll see. I actually just saw a lamp today made out of a huge post. It was really cool looking. So it's definitely possible.

So there ya go--potential, baby, potential. Next time you're staring at a pile of junk, ask yourself, "Does this crap have potential?" Remember, sometime you gotta look past the pee-stained carpet to see the diamond in the rough. It's usually there staring right back at ya. Just gotta look for it.


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