Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pollock Chair

The other day when Mitch and I went thrifting, I spotted this office chair. I can recall a segment of our convo for you.

me: "Crraaap, Mitch, I think this is a well-known chair."

Mitch: "Oh yeah?"

me: "Seriously. I'm pretty sure this is an iconic chair...like some big time designer chair." 

Mitch: "Okay."

I precede to look underneath and find out that it's made by Knoll.

me: "Shoot, Mitch, I'm almost POSITIVE this is a good find."

That's when I wished I had an iPhone and could check it out. So I called my brother. He didn't pick up. I called another friend. He didn't pick up. So we left. My brother calls me back when we're at another thrift shop. He tells me that the chair new is currently selling for $1,600. Crap. I knew it! So we go back and I talk the manager down to $30 and now we own a Knoll Pollock chair. This chair was designed by Charles Pollock back in the '60s. Granted, a used Pollock chair doesn't fetch near as much as a new one, but I still think it's cool that we own "the best selling executive chair in the history of office furniture design. The Pollock Chair was first introduced in 1965 and now has a place of honor in the Louvre museum in Paris." (source)

Our chair isn't in perfect condition. The little lifty thing on the side is broken and there's a couple metal pieces missing on the bottom of the chair. It still functions just fine. It's super comfy and tilts back and swivels like a charm.

And now Mitch can sit at his desk and pretend he's a big time executive hot shot. Okay, now I've gone too far.

But it IS cool, isn't it?

Oh the things you can find at your local thrift shop! This is btw, a Christmas gift for Mitch. See, you can find some sweet Christmas gifts at thrift stores:)


  1. GREAT find! And, for $30?? Well done :)

  2. LOVE it! The color is pretty too. I can't wait to see what all other gifts you find at the thrift store.
    Is that floor the vinyl planks? If so they look great.

  3. Holy cow, what a great find! I would love to stumble upon one of those chairs (for $30)!

  4. Looking for info on the Pollock chair and found your blog. I just picked one up at a Goodwill today for $17.99 in almost new condition. Nice chairs.

    Next time you see a cool chair at a thrift store check the undersides for a label or mark. All the good quality stuff is marked in someway or another. And don't forget your smart phone.

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