Friday, December 9, 2011

Exciting Times!

Look what's goin' on at our house today. Eek!!! I'm so excited!!

The wardrobes are finally being installed! It's so cool seeing something WE designed come to fruition. This is Mitch's side. We had Adin (our cabinetmaker) make drawers for Mitch's clothes since he won't have a dresser in our new bedroom.

Also going in today are the laundry/mudroom cabinets. This was a last minute decision. We were originally going to repurpose one of our old kitchen cabinets and have this whole area behind a curtain. After talking with a friend, she made me realize that's not the way we wanted it to look. I'm so glad we decided on custom cabinets for this space. They're the same design as our kitchen ones.

Adin is also going to put crown molding on our kitchen cabinets today. (SO excited about this!) That's one step closer to a finished project. 

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Yay!!! This is where you'll see things finally coming together:)


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