Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Painted Cabinet

We finally finished the cabinet! Remember what it used to look like?

Complete with a busted out bottom half. Well Mitch fixed the bottom with a scrap piece of plywood and I primed and painted everything.

She looks good as new, right? Ya can't even tell that front panel isn't original. 

And look what we found hiding inside! 
A stowaway. 

And here's the cabinet in action holding Ry's extra quilts and blankets. Best two bucks I ever spent. (Well I guess I'd have to think about that...I've gotten some major scores over the years!)

And yes, someday we'll paint those periwinkle walls.

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  1. Great job! It looks amazing! I love the gray color. I also like the wall color! It shows up great in this photo- I don't think you need to change it! I think it's a nice color combo with the green drapery panels in the room!

  2. I love it! I can't imagine why you painted over the plywood, you didn't want Sizzer anymore?! Pretty good deal for $2 and get a kid too.

  3. The cabinet is beautiful. And I've gotta say ... I like the periwinkle walls.

    Mary @ Sea Quilts

  4. Love the color you chose for it! No one would ever know what it looked like before just looking at it now.


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