Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New (Vintage) Stuff

Got some stuff today. Let me show ya. 

I have a thing for vintage aprons. Wait, who am I kidding...I have a thing for vintage anything. But seriously I couldn't leave this little lady on the shelf. She's just a darling little thing, isn't she? Look, she's even reversible.

With the cutest scalloped pocket you ever done seen. (Can you tell I just watched Cars 2?)

And she was only $1.50. Seriously, that's like 1/3 of a Starbuck's drink. 
(That's how I justify my purchases.)

I got this vintage mirror for my Mom. You should see what she's been using for the past I don't know how many years. Seriously it looks like a weapon fashioned in some inmate's cell. I'm not even kidding. Now she can properly check out those pearly whites with this little cutie.

And when I saw this huge lidded basket, I didn't think I could afford it. Peeked at the price tag and saw $5 and said, "Dang! You're mine, mighty big sweet-lookin' old basket." Okay, I really didn't say that. At least not out loud.

Every room needs texture. And what better way to add it than with a basket. Yum.

This will either hold a bunch of toys or shoes, depending where it goes. Either way, it's awesome.

There's my splurge for the day. Oh wait...I'm headed to Ikea tonight. My splurge might not be finished. 

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!


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