Monday, November 21, 2011

Delicious Trim

Look at what Mitch did last week--trim. Yum. We wanted to beef up that teeny window with some substantial trim since it's pretty much the smallest possible window they make. We're pretty much screwed if there's a fire. There's no way my fat butt's fittin' through that puppy. But anyway, back to the trim...didn't he do a great job?

And another thing we decided on is painting the trim in the b-room the same color as the door--BM Dragon's Breath. For those who might not have seen it, this is the bathroom door. Barn door, baby!

(Sorry for those of you who've had to see that for the millionth time.)

I got the idea of painting the trim darker from good ol' Pinterest. Look at this picture. Seriously, isn't it just sweet looking?

The walls of the b-room will be Behr Swiss Coffee which is a really nice creamish white. All of the trim in our house is this color. Love it. So there ya go--a little update on where we're at. Oh and our wardrobes should be installed sometime next week. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed. They were supposed to be installed in Sept. but our cabinetmaker forgot about us. Then early Nov, mid-Nov, now it's end of Nov. So at this rate, I'll be happy to have 'em before the new year:)


  1. Love that trim. In the old part of our house the window trim is very similar. I think it is going to look awesome painted out, love dark trim!!

  2. I love that barn door! It is very beautiful and I love how you beefed up that small window. Great idea!

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  3. If there was such a thing as laughing my a** off, mine would be able to fit through that window. Seriously, your husband did a great job with the trim -- what a good idea to help you window appear larger. And your door just kills me it's so great. Awesome color. Awesome inspiration picture, I agree!


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