Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Shout-out to Mitchell Todd

I have the best husband a girl could ask for. Seriously. My man's so awesome--let me just tell you a little bit about him. First, he works 45 hours a week at a local molasses company. He's great at his job, quality control. Most days he comes home for his half hour lunch to eat with us. Then after work, he comes home and does some of this for a few hours.

That is, if I don't have an appointment or need a break. Many days, I schedule appointments for right after he gets home from work and he watches the kids (our two plus two others I babysit) for an hour or so. Or some days I just need a break from the kid chaos and I go out to a thrift store or two to regain my sanity.

Mitch also has a web design business on the side. So many nights (after the boys {and shoot, who am I kidding--that includes myself} are in bed) he's updating a current website or building a new one. (If you need a website, he's your guy. His work is detailed and thorough and his rates are very affordable.) And if that weren't enough, he also helps me with my blog--design and layout, etc. Just last night he figured out my new buttons up there under my header. There was some ridiculous HTML code that he needed to locate and change. Done.

A few other things Mitch does in his "spare time"--hockey. He grew up in Canada playing hockey pretty much every second he wasn't eating or sleeping. Here he is with his teammates after they won the championship a couple years ago. (He's the tall one in the back.) He plays every winter. Most of his games start at 10:30 pm and it takes about 45 minutes to get to the rink. Now that's dedication!

And just this year, he's helping out with Awana at our church. He takes the boys with him every Wed night and is a Sparks leader. 

And if we're lucky, we try to have a date night every now and again. This past Sat. we went to a Flyers game with some friends. Spending time/going on dates together is very important to us and we make it a priority in our marriage.

Okay I think that's it. I'm done with my shout-out. I love my husband. That's my amazing man. That's my Mitchell Todd.

How 'bout your husband? In what way(s) is he awesome?


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