Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Camera!

Meet the latest addition to our family:

Canon EOS Rebel T1i (500D)DSLR Camera w/18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens

We've finally invested in a sweet camera. (Still scored it off CL though:)) So excited about this little baby! Now I just need to read up on how to take good pics. Here's some that I've taken so far.

"Why, woman, are you taking my picture AGAIN?"

Why yes, B, you are one. Soon to be two.

Celebrating Ryder's 4th birthday at my parents' house.

We sang and Ry blew out the candles three times since it was so much fun the first time.


Here's Ry all decked out in his "work outfit." (And sportin' his new fundies)

And B in a little less.

So I'm really stoked about my new camera. Now I just gotta learn what all those buttons do. Fun fun.


  1. I LOVE my cannon rebel! Have fun learning the functions & shooting in manual. :) Love the pics of the boys!! lol

  2. Yea on the new camera and cute subjects. I still don't know what all of my buttons do but I can mostly fake it. It is just the shutter speed that messes me up.


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