Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Would You Do?

Look at what Mitch stayed up late last night to do.

It's getting to the exciting part, guys! Now I have a question and I'd like some input. Which look do you like better? 

Whitewashed walls?

Or painted ones?

2010 Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House: Master Bath Details

And another question: do we go all the way up to the ceiling with the paneling or stop about three quarters of the way up and drywall above?

And add wallpaper? :)

So which is YOUR favorite look?


  1. I personally like painted, for me it gives a more polished, clean look. I guess it also depends on what look you are going for.

  2. Whitewash now - then in a couple years you can paint it for a brand new look! I like boards all the way up - but maybe Ken has drilled that into my head because he hates drywalling :-)

  3. I really like the whitewashed. It is very unique....definitely not cookie-cutter. I don't have an opinion on how far the boards should go but I would say definitely no wallpaper. (I had a horrible experience removing wallpaper recently and I hate it now!)


  4. We are going to do some kind of variation of this in my bathroom...eventually. I say white wash first because you can always paint after that.

  5. Its going to look so awesome Kat! I'm personally more of a painted wood kind of girl, but I'm sure either way you go will look great :)

  6. I am dying over here, Kat! I love the look of planked walls. I personally like them painted, but it's really personal preference. The wallpaper is gorgeous too!

  7. Well, if you could see our awesome ceiling in our new den, you'd know I vote for the whitewash look. It looks great and I highly recommend it:)

  8. I like the painted wood because it looks more finished to me, and it would still keep with the country feel. If you're doing the plank look on the walls I'd have them all the way up the walls. If you're doing the panel look, I'd do half and half.


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