Thursday, August 11, 2011

Toy Boxes: One of Life's Necessities

We try to keep the boys' toys organized with using baskets in our Expedit bookcase, (which btw, is perfect for toy storage) but there's always those HUGE toys that they get for Christmas or their birthdays that don't seem to fit anywhere. Those toys are a thorn in my side. So we just end up piling them in the corner, hoping no one will notice the small mountain growing in our living room. I asked Mitch if he could whip up a toy box to coral this mess (along with the 5,682 other things he's doing...doesn't hurt to ask, right?) So he built this hefty boy from scrap pallet wood last night and it's perfect to contain all those monstrosities.

Here are all the toys put away. Be still my heart. Love it.

Don't know if I'm going to paint, stain, or leave it as is. I'm kinda diggin' the natural color. Okay, truth is--I don't want to add one more painting project to the list. Ugh. But ya gotta admit, it would look scute with toys stenciled on the side, wouldn't it? Darn ideas in my head.

And on a side note, the boys had a surprise visit from their cuzzies today. Ryder ran into the house and yelled, "Kylie and Cole are here!" He must have been excited 'cause he wanted to get dressed. You know it's gotta be a special day when he wears clothes.

Hope you're having a good clothes-wearin' kinda day:)


  1. Kat, it looks like a good solution for the toys. Have you thought about adding wheels to the bottom so you could roll it out when you need to?

  2. I always try to imagine the calories I am burning while picking up toys, shoes, books, etc. Ha! Just trying to put a positive spin on it.

  3. I love the new toy box. I am wanting Eric to build me a coffee table similar but to hold files inside like one I saw on pinterest. You know until I have toys to worry about!


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