Monday, August 8, 2011

Ode to Bucky

I haven't mentioned our dog, Buttons, on here a lot. Maybe you've seen her in some photos I've taken. She always had the knack of being right where you needed to be. Whether you were running to the bathroom or trying to take a picture, Buttons nine times out of ten was smack dab right in your way. Can you spot Buttons in these pics?

 This was the look she often gave the boys--a corner eye shot that said "if you come any closer..."

Ryder was the one who nicknamed her Bucky. And the name stuck. Actually we called her many names--many that included the word butt. Buttons joined our family shortly after we got married. She belonged to a former pastor and he couldn't care for her anymore. I remember those early days when it was just the three of us--oh the attention she got! She loved every minute and so did we. Then the boys came and she took a humble back seat. She survived the everyday life of two busy boys nagging, chasing, pulling, and teasing her. And loving her.

This is the boys saying goodbye to their friend Bucky this morning. We had to put her to sleep today due to failing health issues. (That's her favorite treat, bacon, on the floor in front of her. She usually gobbles it up, but not today.)

You were a loving dog, Buttons, and will be greatly missed. Thanks for all the memories. We love you!


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