Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Auction Time!

Ever been to an auction? I don't know how they work where you're from, but here in Lancaster county, auctions are usually outside under a tent, with people gathered around on their lawn chairs hanging on every last stammering syllable flying out of the auctioneer's mouth. It's usually filled with locals, although you'll see the occasional antiques dealer here and there. It's a family event. Men, women, and children from the surrounding farms come out in droves. I guess it's a break in the norm for them and a chance to catch up with friends and neighbors. There's almost always a food stand nearby where you can purchase a homemade whoopie pie or another local fave--ham and bean soup. And what's being auctioned off? Anything from frying pans to water beds with lots o' junk treasures in between. And have I mentioned deals? Oh man, can you get some deals! I went to a couple of auctions last week and here's a glimpse into a country auction and some of the things that caught my eye.

All of the furniture at this particular auction was in pristine condition. They're not always like that, you understand.

I thought this piece was really unique and beautiful. It was a super long bench of sorts. Check out the dovetailing detail. Many pieces like this one are made here by the locals.

And the second auction I went to wasn't as nice. They had a lot of junk there including a butt-load of house plants (what?) that had seen better days. Seriously sometimes I think a camera crew from Hoarders is around the corner secretly filming all this. Nonetheless, there were a few things there that I couldn't pass up.

I was the only one who bid on this piece. I had to. It went for $2. Seriously. It's going to be turned into storage for blankets after it gets a fresh coat of paint. We might use the bottom part as a bench in our mudroom. Two bucks, people!

I love antique chairs. This sturdy little gem was $5.

And this antique desk is for Ryder. (Bring on homeschool!) I paid $12 for it.

So there are just a few of the things you can find at a country auction. It's a fun time. Those were the first I've gone to in a while, so it was nice gettin' back in the game. We have no where to put these treasures...shoot, maybe you'll soon be seeing me on an episode of Hoarders.


  1. I would love to go with you sometime. I could learn a few things from you and I enjoy going to auctions. Give me a call.

  2. I too think it would be fun to go with you sometime as well! :) I haven't been to an auction in many years. And are you planning to homeschool??

  3. I had so much fun at that last auction Kat! Can't wait to go to another and hopefully find a great deal like your $2 cabinet!

  4. I <3 Lancaster county. Berks county auctions just never were too fun, I always had to go to Lebanon for them. I am totally jealous of that $2 cabinet you have! And that old school masters desk with glass doors looks exactly like my grandmothers; I have been looking up and down for one exactly like that because it meant a lot to me but I have had no luck =(

  5. Wow, those are some great deals!! Never participated in an auction, but would love to!! I was eyeing the pics of the federal sideboard & secretary you posted. Beautiful!!

  6. Seriously jealous!! We definately don't have auctions like that in Alberta - I totally would have bid against you on the $2 cabinet :-)

  7. I think it would be fun to go to an auction but have never been. In my hometown there is a big auction house and even Sylvester Stalone has been! I am sure I couldn't find any $2 cabinets there. That is a crazy deal, I don't understand why someone would bid over your $2?!


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