Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Reunion of Sorts

So this past weekend, Ryder and I went to Pittsburgh with my family. Fun times. We went to a Pirates game. My brother Tim drove down from MI, and the rest of us caravanned together to the Steel City. We had a blast. Except when we got lost going out there. Oh and when we realized that my sister booked rooms at a hotel an hour away from the city. We could have killed her. But other than that, fun times.

Here we all are. From left to right: back row: my Mom, me, sister Megan, brother Tim, Dad, brother Chris, sis-in-law Sarah, Dalton in the baby carrier, sis-in-law Jodie. Front: Ryder with Levi peeking out from behind, Judah, Becca (family friend) holding Lucy, and Parker. Whew! And that's not even all of us--one brother and his family weren't there.

The view from our seats. It's a beautiful park.

The kids were more interested in the Direct TV blimp than anything else. Shoot, I think I was too. Baseball can be so stinkin' boring. Especially when it's a game between two teams that you could care less about (Pirates and Reds). So every time Ryder saw the blimp he got so excited and shouted, "Look, Pop-pop, A BLIMP!" I think he thought there were about 52 different blimps floatin' around the park that day.

Ry doesn't get to see his cousins much, so it was an especially fun weekend for him. Here's his cousin Lucy chowin' down at Ponderosa. She was the only girl there. Five boys and Lucy.

Chris and Jodie

And Baby Dalton

Mitch had a softball tourny that day so he wasn't able to make it. And thankfully, friends of ours watched Bryce for us. B is HORRIBLE in the car and I wasn't about to take him on a four hour trip let alone sitting at a game for hours. No thanks. Next time, B, next time. So that was our weekend. How was yours?


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