Monday, July 11, 2011

Shed Transformation

This week is all about transformations. I'm going to show you some work we've done around the ol' place and have some before and after shots. It's fun for Mitch and I to go through these old pictures and see how things used to look and how far we've come. You've got to do that when you're renovating so you can see what big strides you've made since it's easy to focus on what still needs to get done. So here we go...this takes us back a few years. It was actually before Mitch and I were married (and that'll be 6 years in Aug.) A friend (Wes) from our former church asked us what we needed/wanted to get done around our house and Mitch mentioned to him that he could really use a shed to store some extra stuff. So literally the next day, our assistant pastor asked Wes if he could remove an old shed from off his property. So he dropped it off at our place. Now don't laugh...okay, you're allowed to cause I totally did when I saw this *cough* piece.

She's a real looker, ain't she? Well after our good hard laugh, Mitch's Dad said that he could reside it with aluminum siding. And (the best part) he'd do it for free as part of our wedding present. Shoot, go right ahead. Little did I know that it'd end up looking like this.

What a transformation, right? 

So a couple years after that, I decided to make a flower bed in front of it. I designed one on BHG's garden plans and had Mitch prep it all for me. Here's my man lookin' all big and bad (in his flip-flops.)

I call this my Florida bed. Doesn't it look like the FL peninsula right there? We planted several shrubs, zebra grass, Perry, (the pear tree--and yes, we name all our trees) and originally a Japanese maple which we later transplanted in the front yard.

And now this is what it looks like several years down the road.

My one sole raised bed that Mitch made for me last year. It has all I need--a few tomatoes, pepper plants, basil, zucchini, and some carrots.

 Here's the before and after again for ya's.

That's transformation #1. Come back tomorrow to see our basement transformation. 
Happy Monday:)


  1. Great job on the shed, what a transformation! That little garden area is so cute. Can't wait to see more transformations!!

  2. Love the transformation! Also loved seeing how big and beautiful your tree became!


  3. Wow, look at that big, tall and strong tree...

    And the one you planted looks great, too!

  4. Wow- looks great! I love how things can be restored and brought back to their beauty! Well done. :) I love how the aluminum shines like that! It gives the piece extra sparkle and beauty.

  5. Can't believe it has been since years since that super hot and steamy Friday in Aug!!! We just celebrated 6 and were like where has the time gone!

  6. WOW!!!!!! What a huge transformation! Thank you father-in-law!!!


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