Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Outdoor Tour

Come along with me on a tour of our yard.

{Pretend our grass is green and lush. We're a little short on the rain around here.}

Mitch's grandfather built this little playhouse. It's even wired for electricity which hopefully one day we'll hook up. It functions as my potting shed since we already had a playhouse for the boys. This little guy was destined for the burn pile until we intervened. Now he's right where he belongs, adding scute (super + cute, if you're new to my blog) character to our yard.

These sunflowers just popped up on their own this year. What a pleasant surprise! 

A  friend and I planted this hedge shortly before I moved into the house. It gives lots of privacy where there was none prior.

We planted some peas here along with some lettuce (which we didn't eat--I think I waited too long to harvest.) And sprinkled some flowers in there too.

You can read more about our shed transformation here.

Side of the house garden. I think I'm finally pleased with how it looks. For now, at least!

Mitch recently installed this Ikea light and I couldn't be happier with it. Granted, it does say on the package "Not intended for outdoor use" but I figure I'll spray it with Rustoleum paint if it starts to rust. I'm not super concerned about it. He also put it on a dimmer switch which is sa-weet at night.

I would have shown ya the front of the house, but we have another transformation forth-coming. And I'm so pumped about it! Eek! Didn't want to spoil it for ya's:)

This is the view from under Wally (the walnut tree) where I typically sit and watch the boys, eat watermelon, or just chill. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Oh wow, I love your garden, you must spend alot time on it and in it. The last house we had was a gardening paradise and I spent an enormous amount of time in it. It was lovely. We've been in this home about 4 years and the garden's pretty much crap! That hedge you put in is gorgeous, how long did it take to get that tall?

    Suzy xxx

  2. You have a beautiful outdoor space. I love the 2 playhouses they are scute for sure. I hope we can have one someday. The light on a dimmer is a great idea, I would have never thought of that. It is one of my favorite lights.


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