Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good Finds

I'm borrowing my friend's camera today. It's a Canon. Like a real sweet Canon. I'm in heaven. And a wee bit jealous. So since I have his camera for the day, I decided to catch up on picture taking around here and hopefully have enough material for several days' worth of blog posts. (Yes, I know I've been slackin'. Sorry 'bout that.) I've been wanting to show you my most recent purchases. So here we go. First up, these bookends.

Aren't they cute? When I saw them for $1.50 I had to snatch them up. I love the fretwork detail. I can see them painted a bright red--a little pop of color on the bookcase. Next, this is where those bookends will call home, more than likely.

I scored this wicker bookcase for $5. It might not look like much right now, but imagine it freshly painted. I'm not 100% sure about the color yet. It's going in Ryder's room (which will have an orange dresser in it) so I don't want to paint it something crazy. I'm thinking either white or black or another neutral color. Whatcha think? Something like this one?

Next, the purchase I'm most pumped about. Eek! This is what I bought the other day at my favorite thrift/antique store.

 It came out of a 120-ish year old home. In its former life, it was a fireplace mantle. Aren't the details amazing? I'm seriously in love. Can you guess what I'm going to turn it into?


  1. No...but I cannot wait to see what it becomes? A faux fireplace?

  2. You and your good finds. I would paint the book case a dark navy like you were orginally thinking. It is almost close to black so you know it would look good. Can't wait to see what happens with the mantle. It is so charming!


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