Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Continuing with our theme of transformations this week, I have a mini transformation for ya's today. Remember this bookshelf I got for Ryder?

Well here it is with a fresh coat of paint on it and filled with Ry's books and little treasures. He loves his new bookshelf. You should have seen him bringing his books into his room--you woulda thought it was Christmas morning. I had to take these pictures while he was away at Bible school last night since he's very protective of what goes on those shelves and how it's on there. When he came home, he was not too pleased with the way I styled it (wonder where he gets that from...)

And his bookends used to look like this.

There's even a spot for him to sit and stay a while. Yeah, I have high hopes.

Check out my other transformations from this week--our shed and basement. Have you transformed anything lately?


  1. It looks great athe little chair. How cute that he wants everything be just as he likes it!

  2. bookends are kinda asian looking...very cool!


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