Friday, June 17, 2011

Parade of Homes

This week a couple of friends and myself went on The Parade of Homes here in Lancaster County. We only had time to tour three of the houses, but those three were pretty amazing. I snapped some random pics along the way and even though they aren't the greatest quality, you can still get a feel of what the houses looked like.

This house was not one that we toured. (I wish!) It was right next to the first one we walked through and I had to take a pic. A-stinkin'-mazing, right?

This is house #1. (look past the really bad sod job--I'm pretty sure they just chucked it on there in time for the showing. yikes!)

 I loved this clock in the foyer.

Kitchen island with wine cooler. The floor in the kitchen was cool--a mixture of tile and hardwood.

All the houses had mudrooms. I really liked this one with the flip top bench. Oodles of storage space.

This is the master. Cool tray ceiling.

House #2.

This was a really unique room. It was located off to the side halfway up the stairs and was staged as an office. How fun is that black and white dresser?

Cool feature--an ipad in the wall that controls everything from electrical to the sound system, heating/cooling, security and I'm sure a ton more.

 Master bath

I'm in love with this bed. (not the bedding so much) The nailhead trim was gorgeous.

I know this is a really crappy picture, but can you see the two islands? I loved that they were both different colors and there was a third color on the cabinets. (Black, gray, and light gray)

Bar with a cool light.

This is the only shot from house #3 that I have. Love that deep couch and I'm pretty sure that's a real zebra hide on the ottoman. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
(Wouldn't it be so fun to decorate homes like these?)


  1. Love the tile and wood floor - that is my new dream!

  2. I love touring homes! Looks like you had a great time!

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