Friday, June 24, 2011

Hot Mess

Why is it that I always bite off more than I can chew? Seriously. I have these high aspirations, but they usually end in failure or a broken stroller or someone crying or in today's case, all of the above plus throw in some stinkin' hot weather. Why do I do this to myself?

So here I was thinking I could go to an outdoor auction on this said stinkin' hot day with my kids, my friend and his two kids, and two strollers trying to squeeze in between rows of junk with not very helpful bystanders staring on. This is my idea of a fun day out. Um...yeah it wasn't purdy, folks, not at all. Well needless to say, it didn't last long. Just long enough for me not to bid on the cutest little red bench I've ever seen that this guy got for $10. Thud. Yeah, that's me kicking myself AGAIN. And to top it all off, my camera decided to bite the dust while we were there. But I was able to borrow my friend's i phone (man, I seriously need me one of those) and snap some shots. It really was a cool auction, jammed packed with some sweet stuff. Check it out.

I have a thing for small furniture. Little chairs and such are just so sweet I could literally eat them up.

Here's my little red bench that got away for only $10. (Sniff, sniff)

And I don't know who was the bigger fan, me or Ryder, of these old toy tractors. Red tractors are Ry's fave. It was even his b-day party theme this past year. 

There's his chubby little hand resting wistfully on one.

I wanted to throw that Fresh Eggs sign in the bottom of my stroller and scoot right on outta there. No one would have seen. (yes, Mitchell, I can see you shaking your head in dismay through my screen right now.) But I restrained.

And here were the throngs of sweaty people that I tried to maneuver Bryce's stroller through. I'm giving you all the evil eye right now. Not you all, just the sweaty country folk.

So there ya have it. Mission not accomplished. Oh well. Next time I'll leave the kids with a sitter, strap on my fanny pack and get my auction on.


  1. Wow the red bench is nice but the worn and weathered one would be perfect, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Too bad about the bench, but ya know what I am sure it had termites and lead paint ;)

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