Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Day the Chickens Arrived

Today we got some chickens! Exciting days around these here parts. They're actually my in-laws' chickens but we'll be helping out with them. My FIL transformed an old broke down playhouse into the cutest little chicken coop. (I wish I had a before picture) Check it out. It even matches with the other buildings on their property.

He added extra windows for ventilation and light. 

Let's take a peek inside, shall we?

Okay, I'm no farm girl, but I'll try to explain what's inside.
Those wooden things are for the hens to roost (I think that's what it's called) on at night. I was told that  chickens instinctively sleep off the ground to ward off predators like foxes.

And I'm pretty sure those posts are old bed rails. Repurpose, reuse, baby!

There's where the chickens will lay their eggs and in front of it is a homemade feeder. My FIL found instructions online to make one. We'll just have to wait and see if it actually works:)

There's Nannan and Bryce peering in the window. Well at least Nannan is. Who knows what's got B's attention. (Nannan is Grandad btw)

See that building in the background? My FIL cut a hole in it so all we do is go in there to collect the eggs.

This is the inside of the other building. We'll just raise that hinged door and collect the eggs. Easy-peasy.

The chickens have plenty of space to do their thang. And it's nice and shaded there too. Perfect little setup. Shoot, if I were a chicken, this would be my dream crib.

The hens are currently 17 weeks old so we need to wait a couple more weeks then they should be poppin' eggs out left and right. Mmm...I can taste the deliciousness right now. There's nothing like some fresh eggs for breakfast. It's interesting to me that so many more people are into raising their own chickens for eggs. What do you think? Would you love to have some chickies struttin' around your place?


  1. That chicken house is too cute! Can't wit to see how this all turns out ;)

  2. Very cute!! We have a B&B three houses down that has chickens. So, while we don't have a chicken coop, we definitely get our chicken/fresh egg fix daily!!!

  3. Very cute setup, they did a great job! We had chickens growing up. Two of my siblings (who shall remain nameless) locked me into the coop once, so that experience has taken away any desire to ever be near a live chicken again. The eggs were very good though, from what I remember. I'm sure there will be lots of great learning experiences for the boys because of the chickens!


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