Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Modern Country

One of my favorite mags that I get is House Beautiful. Mitch had gotten me a gift subscription for my birthday this past year and I just love when it arrives in the mail (and when I have a few quiet minutes to soak it all in). While I was checking out this month's edition, one house in particular really jumped out at me. I love the classic non-stuffy look of this beautiful farmhouse.

I heart this chair. Don't know how comfortable it would be, but it looks fabulous!

Some of the accessories in the house were from a place called Hammertown Barn. That name piqued my interest. My family used to live on Hammertown Rd. and my maiden name is Barnes. So I had to check out their website just for curiosity's sake. And I was very impressed with what I saw. Hammertown Barn is a store (actually there's 3 of them now) located in the Hudson Valley that specializes in American made furniture, rugs, and lighting all with a "modern country" flair. This is one of their stores:

I love the layered rug look. You might be seeing this look in my home very soon;)

I would love to spend an afternoon walking around here.

You can check out more here. I'm inspired; how 'bout you?


  1. Actually, I got it for you for our anniversary but oh well.

  2. I really love these rooms! My favorites are the unique coffee tables and the computer desk. I'm definitely inspired!

  3. LOL at your man's comment! I do like all of these pics. The home from the magazine looks like a place my family could settle into and feel at home.

    Suzy xxx

  4. I am loving the whole modern country thing. And that store is to die for I would have to buy everything. I am thinking about the layering rugs too. My friend has a sisal rug she is throwing out so I am thinking about trying it out to see if I like the look before I buy.

  5. Good post! Wish there was more pictures! Ha. :) Recently I got a few rooms in my apartment furnished by a startup, Furnishr. Furnishr let me pick my room design, all the furniture, and decor items for one price.They delivered everything in less than a week. Here’s link to them if you’re interested modern home furniture


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