Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Barn Door Intervention

This past weekend was good in the renovation dept. Mitch and a friend from church started drywalling our bedroom. Exciting times, peeps!

It's coming along. Now's the time when you can really start seeing things come together.

Which means, I really need to nail down paint colors, window treatments, etc. I am going for soothing, calm colors. So I'm thinking gray for the walls. I don't know if I want the same color as the rest of the house though. So I'm looking for inspiration and taking suggestions:) This is kind of what's in my head. Light color on the wall, white bedding with some pops of color here and there.

bedrooms - gray campaign sawhorse desk gold hardware pink cane chair royal blue round tufted cushion black canopy bed gray velvet bench octagon mirror fireplace glossy wood floors chevron herringbone pattern

AND...one of the most exciting things going in our new bedroom is a barn door! I'm so excited about this bad boy. Check it out.

So here's the dilemma, what color do I paint it? Or do I just sand it and leave it natural OR do I stain it a dark color? Sheesh, there's just too many options to choose from. Vanessa just blogged about this door from the tv show Good Luck, Charlie. I do love it. But is it too "fun" for my bedroom? Do I go with a brighter hue or something softer? Stain? Leave it unstained? I need your help, guys!

So here are some inspiration photos for you to peruse through. 
I must admit, blue is pretty.

But then again, so is this more white-washy finish

Here's a dark stained one that looks great too.

And a lighter stained one that looks pretty awesome as well.

And then you have these, which are painted the same color as the walls. Too bland?

Then there's these: BAM! Go BOLD or go home, baby!

So what would you do? Suggestions desperately wanted/needed! 


  1. Wow!! I love your barn door - so incredible. Your options are endless really! What I noticed from looking at your inspriation pics is that I like the barn doors that contrast w/the wall color. It makes the barn door pop and more noticeable!! It is such a statement piece, I definitely think you will want to highlight it!!!

  2. Definitely can't get enough of the barn doors! I LOVE them!

  3. I don't think I have seen a pic of the barn door. It is gorgeous! I would wait until it is up to decide. I love the blues and yellows but I think my fav of your pics is the whitewash.

  4. My opinion is that the barn door is awesome and should be a focal point. If you are going with bland colors and popping with one bold color, I would paint the barn door that bold color. (although I have to admit, I really like it stained too).


  5. I would go with a dark stain or bold color since you are going with light walls. In my opinion if you do a light door with light walls, it won't stand out enough. I suggest doing a neutral dark or wood color stain so that you can change accent colors later if you wanted.

  6. That mustard honestly looks incredible! Especially the way that they only added it a tiny bit of that accent color in the bedroom. It isn't overstated or understated. Love it! :) They have some cute accent pillows with a similar color at Target right now :) Good luck! looks awesome!
    New follower from Remodelaholic...

  7. What a beautiful door! I prefer the blue, yellow or the dark stain. I think the white doors get lost in everything else and lose that wow factor. Can't wait to see the end result!

  8. I vote for a dark stain or bold color! Maybe it will be easier to decide when you have your room decor picked out?

  9. I know most are going for bold - which I like, but I would go for a worn grey color or white wash. Pops a little against the wall, but nuetral enough if you want to redecorate down the line.

  10. Beautiful!!! I think it might depend on the wall color and the floors......I love the bleached out one!

  11. I've been eyeing barn doors for a while. I don't have a great spot for one in my house, but I love the concept! I actually like the way yours looks now, but color would be all the more dramatic. I'd love for you to post a tutorial of the process on my blog once you do it, if you are interested!

  12. The door you have is amazing, just the way it is.

  13. Nice share. I like the barn door intervention. Your home makeover is awesome.


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