Friday, April 8, 2011

Pretty Pantry Party

Pantries have always been so helpful: they're a place to store anything from canned goods to paper products, extra dishes, small appliances, and even cleaning supplies. According to Wikipedia, they are one of the most requested features in American homes today. Here are some pictures of pantries for your drooling enjoyment. (I keep accidentally typing panties instead of pantries. Not good.)


Pull outs are super handy.

Love this. Your pantry doesn't have to be super deep. Look at how shallow those shelves are. That way, you don't have to sort through 5 million containers to get to that one little can of tuna way in the back.

Some people actually style their shelves to look pretty. This is how my pantry will never look.

I love glass containers like these. I've been trying to find some when I'm out and about thrifting, that way I don't use up our boys' college fund buying all that I need.

Country Living

This is an old canning room. Most of these were found in basements and provided lots of additional space to hold all the preserved garden goodness.

We have a canning room very similar to this one in our basement. It needs major help but I'm hoping one day it'll look like this.

Okay, here ya go--a picture of ours. I literally opened the door, stuck the camera inside and clicked--all in about two seconds since I didn't want a rat to jump out at me. I do have high hopes for this space though. Can you see the potential too?

So here's our kitchen pantry. When designing our kitchen, having a bigger pantry was high on the priority list. See that little closet to the left of our new pantry? That's our old pantry.

Okay, we're all friends here therefore you can't judge. My pantry needs help. And I plan on fixing that. Soon. Enough.

Top part of the pantry. Great for extra storage. Isn't that vintage scale so cute? I'm going to put it on display somewhere in my kitchen.

Old pantry/new cleaning closet.

Again, don't hate.

So how about you? Where do you stash your kitchen stuffs? Do you have a spacious walk-in pantry or a little closet to jam your cans into? Maybe you have to store things downstairs or in boxes somewhere. In any case, I want to see it. I want to see your panties pantries! So this is what I'd love for you to do: email me a picture of where you put your extra kitchen things--whether it's a pantry or a shelf in some random part of your house or on a cart somewhere in the garage. I have a friend whose husband made her a pantry in her guest bedroom closet! It doesn't have to be fancy (you saw mine) I just want to see it. I'll do another post featuring all your pantries. How 'bout it? You up for it? If so, email me at I'd love to hear from you.


  1. The thing I love about our pantry is that I put all the small appliances in there and we use them in there so they are convenient and not cluttering the counters. I posted about it
    Good luck!

  2. I love the canning rooms and that pantry with the skinny shelves. My friend has the pantry cabinet that had the shelves on the doors that flip out so you get so much in there and not the wasted deep space. Check out August Fields pantry, I could move into it. And the whole house!

  3. I'd love the have a pantry like Emerson's in the first image. Wish I had something like it, but no room for it at all. I did a post about a pantry I'd like to have, here's the link.

  4. aghhhh pure gorgeousness! Why is that everything Emerson touches is always so amazing?! We live in an apartment so our kitchen gadgets are EVERYWHERE!

  5. The picture from the past reminded me of "home" when I was little. Our pantry was in the cellar and down we went every night to retrieve veggies or whatever for supper. Seems like I have more and more space but keep filling it up with more stuff.

  6. I dream of having open shelving pantry with jars and jars of supplies. It's just so lovely!

    The problem is, I'm far to unorganized and lazy to ever make it happen, :(

    Great inspiration, Kat!

  7. Beautiful inspiration photos. If only this was a reality.

  8. great pantry, I love the 2nd pantry, it looks awesome.

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  10. Thanks for the valuable feedback. I think that strategy is sound and can be easily replicable.Great posts. I love this article.

  11. I love pantries, just because it has food. My mother told me I use to sit in the kitchen all day on my birthdays and just look at the attractive food packages. Well, time flies! I am throwing a party for my mother in an event space Chicago on her birthday today.


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