Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Orange Crush

In honor of the Orange and Black, (and by orange and black I mean these guys)

today I'm sharing pictures of how decorating with orange adds that pop that is sometimes needed in a room. What do you think? Could you use a little orange in your life?

Decor Pad

FurysFire:  guest room  orange jute rug, twin hanging beds, black nightstand, striped wallpaper, ...

Gina Kates:  palmer weiss  orange damask curtains brown linen sofa and hair, urquoise blue x bench ...

Orange Living room overall

guest rom with day bed, blue rug, and marble tables

Talk about a conversation piece!

Colorful Living Room
Southern Living

How about an orange house? Shabam!

Too much? How about an orange door? I think I could do that. Actually...it looks very similar to this one, doesn't it? Hmmm....

Southern Living

And here's a swatch of some fabric I have from Calico Corners. I originally thought about making pillows for our living room couch but now I'm thinking I'm going to save it for pillows for the boys' room.

Just in case you were wondering, tonight is game 7 with the Flyers and Sabres. It's do or die time for my Flyboys. So maybe this post will help them along to the next round.  Get 'em,  Danny and



  1. You don't have to convince me! I'm a huge 'orange' fan and having lived in Philly, I'm also a Flyers fan!! :)

  2. I love Auburn orange! Love that orange fridge, but I also love the black kitchen under it. Maybe one day I will get together those orange pictures to send to you I promised a few weeks ago. Go Flyers!

  3. WOW! I totally LOVE orange! I've been thinking about incorporating it into parts of our home. The only places I have it so far are the living room and my office/guest bedroom. THANKS SO MUCH for the inspirational photos!




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