Monday, April 18, 2011

Gallery Walls

I love gallery walls: they're a place for you to showcase your favorite art, family photos, a mirror or two, or whatever else you love. I've been thinking a lot about having a gallery wall in my living room on an awkward wall above our loveseat. These pictures have provided me with some sweet inspiration and hopefully will do the same for you.

Suzie:  Meredith Heron  Beautiful foyer design with eclectic photo art gallery, chandelier, ...
decor pad

The next two rooms are a little too formal for my liking but I do love the symmetry and orderliness of the framed art. We just finished another gallery wall above our couch that is similar in form to these. Pictures to come!

entrances/foyers - grand luxurious curved staircase white black staircase art gallery arched doorway pendant chandelier  Sherrill Canet  grand
decor pad

entrances/foyers - brass marble French console table brass pendant alabaster lamps art gallery  Phoebe Howard.  Gorgeous elegant foyer design
decor pad

Here are some more eclectic arrangements that I'm totally diggin'. I love different shaped and colored frames all grouped together.

xtina: Elements of Style Blog  so pretty and interesting.

I love ampersands. I can't wait to show you our DIY project that features this favorite symbol of mine.

k.i.d. collective


And here's the wall that needs help in our living room. I feel like it needs a random arrangement of pretties. What's really annoying about this space is the placement of the temp controller. So I'm thinking of a creative way to hide that.

Stay tuned for a reveal soon!


  1. Those are all awesome examples, thanks for the eye candy. I LOVE me a good gallery wall!

  2. Some of my favorite images! The first one is gorgeous!

  3. can't wait! I LOVE galleries too... been trying to find a good placement for one in my home...

  4. I've been thinking of adding a gallery of pictures too, just not sure where. Since you're going with a gallery wall, are you going to "frame" your thermostat? that would be cute (IMO).

  5. I love gallery walls. I have 2 already "finished" that I love. I love randomness so they are great for me. I have all the frames on the wall for the one in our bedroom but I have yet to order the pictures. For the temp controller, if it can be moved I am sure your hubby can do it. If it can't be moved then maybe a deep canvas or picture frame with a deep frame. Or you could use a little shelf like thing (can't think of the name) and prop the frame on top leaning against the wall, not nailed so it can be easliy accessed. Does that even make sense? lol!

  6. Love all these pics. I have a couple of gallery walls too and can't wait to see yours! Have fun with it!

    Suzy xxx

  7. Beautiful, the first one is really calling my name. I can't wait to see what you do!

  8. Great inspiration...and one of my favorite ways to decorate a wall. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

  9. Gallery walls are all the rage now for sure. Can't wait to see what you do!

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