Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Thrifting Treasures

There's this new thrift/antique store in the next town over (it's actually right across the corn field from my house) and I checked it out early last week. The boys were with me so it was a quick perusal. So I went back on Saturday and found some real treasures. So without further ado, here ya be:

I've been wanting a drink dispenser for some time now. It's perfect for outdoor entertaining. I was at the Pottery Barn Outlet earlier in the week and saw one there. Here are some options PB offers.

Jug Drink Dispenser

Mason Drink Dispenser

Glass Drink Dispenser

And you're wondering how much mine cost? $10.

Next on the list, this silver pitcher. 

On the bottom it has engraved: Property of Midshipmen's Mes. How cool, seriously? The history lover in me wonders how many navy personnel were quenched by water from this same pitcher. What a find!

And what inspired me to purchase this pitcher (besides the engraving on the bottom) was a picture I saw on a blog this week from here. I needed another container to hold all my kitchen utensils. Cost: $12

 The Estate of Things via House Beautiful

I have a thing for birds. So I couldn't pass up this little cutie for a $1.50. I'm planning on spraying it white and putting it on my kitchen windowsill.

Again, this whale--too cute to pass up. Solid brass for $4

I'm enjoying the antler phase in decorating right now. Two antlers for $4.

And the total steal of the day: this albaster marble lamp. Yes, I have a lamp fetish that I thought I was getting over but apparently I'm not quite there yet. I could NOT have passed this one up though. It's an antique marble lamp that someone would pay hundreds for. I got it for...drumroll please...$5. Even when the seller saw it she couldn't believe the price on it. I absolutely love it. Ain't she purdy? Now I just need to find the perfect shade for it.

So there ya have it: my most recent treasures. Before I left to go shopping on Sat., I asked Mitch if he had any cash on him. I never carry cash and he normally doesn't either but surprisingly enough he pulled out a $20, handed it to me and said, "You don't have to spend it all unless you find something you love." Well I ended up spending that $20 and writing a check for $18. Hmm...well everything I got I love so it's all good, right? 


  1. What great finds!! I love the little whale:) I think this summer that silver pitcher should be filled with flowers! Every day:)

  2. Wow I am so jealous. That lamp deal is amazing!!

  3. Great finds! I love them all and what you're going to do with them! Great idea to paint the little bird white!! And the silver pitcher will look great with kitchen utensils inside! The best deal might have to be that lamp base! Amazing price- I can picture a huge linen drum shade on top!

  4. That whale and that lamp...those are awesome! Great finds!



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