Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

I got my Pottery Barn catalog in the mail yesterday so I thought I'd share some pics with you that caught my eye for one reason or another. These are all from their outdoor collection since, Lord knows, we're all ready for warmer weather. This first picture seriously makes my heart long for spring. Look at all that green goin' on!

Garden Trellis Bench

I'm pretty sure I would take a nap in this thing every afternoon for the rest of my life. So that would make it a good investment, right? Mitch, are you reading?

Balinese Daybed

Anne of Green Gables wants to know if you'd like to sip some tea (or maybe some current wine) while lounging with her in her front yard. Totally reminds me of a house from that movie...I'll have to ask my latest follower Jane who is from PEI. (Yeah, how cool is that? Someone's reading my blog from the land of Anne!)

Saybrook All-Weather Wicker Sectional

How does a lobster dinner on the beach sound? One question: Where's the umbrella in this pic? If Anne needs one in the above mentioned tree-shaded yard, I'm pretty sure this scenario requires one.

Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Round Dining Table

Pull up a chair or four on my spacious porch. Iced tea, check. Individual identical stools for propping said tea upon, check. Slice o' orange, check. Some sort of wooden stirrer, check. And three pillows per chair, check. We're good to go.

Saybrook All-Weather Wicker Wingback Armchair

I do love lights dangling from above an outdoor dining table. I love the ambiance it brings. And star lights...pshh...can't get much better than that.

Corsica Dining Table

Okay, I would totally put this island in my kitchen. Love the zinc top, little hooks on the side, super cute towel bar, and those metal adorable.

Abbott Zinc-Top Island

Here's some more outdoor lighting for ya. I love these little guys strung overhead. At my friend Bethany's wedding several years back, that's exactly what they had over the tables that were set up outdoors. Absolutely loved it. 

Globe String Lights, 8-Light

Here's some beautiful mercury glass ones.

Mercury Glass Globe String Lights

So whatcha think? Ready for spring to get here? Soon, my friend, very soon. Just yesterday, I saw my tulips starting to pop their little stems up through the weed/leaf infested ground. That means only one thing...I gotta get my behind out there and start cleaning up. Hey, that's okay, I'll get my hands dirty any day doing that kind of work. Happy Wednesday!


  1. sigh I can't wait for spring.. sadly I think it will be June before any tulips are popping up around here :(

  2. I love all of that furniture. I love the hanging lights, I wanted that in our side yard but we didn't have any thing to hook them too. One day. It is all springy here. All the trees are bloomed out and the grass is getting greener every day! LOve it!

  3. Kat,
    We are totally on the same wave length! Love that Anne of Green Gables house:)

  4. Oh how I love Anne of Green Gables as well!! And YES I am itching for spring badly! Thanks for the cheery pics. :)

  5. You and me both - can't wait for spring!! I long for the day I can have a beautiful outdoor space like the ones you featured!!!

  6. awesome furniture! It really can't get any better than Anne of Green Gables! <3 meg

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