Friday, February 4, 2011

The Power of Pink (?)

I'm all about trying new things but sometimes when it comes to "what's in" in home decor, I'll pass thankyouverymuch. Take for example, the "color of the year," Honeysuckle pink. Nah, sorry I'm just not feelin' it. Sure, if you have a little girl and you want to paint her room pink, go to town but that's where I would stop. There's no way I'm painting my living, dining or bedroom pink. I just received the current issue of House Beautiful in the mail yesterday and right on the cover are these words: The Power of PINK! It's warm, flattering, sexy (and men love it!) Not really sure about that last statement. Can you think of one heterosexual guy who would love coming home and chillaxin' in his pink living room? Not my man anyway.

If you had to go pink, this isn't a bad option. But still. Why pink? Oh yeah, that's right--it's "in."

There's just so many things wrong in this room.

This one is very delicate and pretty if it's for a girl. Master bedroom, no.

Here ya go, you can paint the bookcases pink. A nasty salmon pink, at that.

Is it just me?

mix and match pink

So how about you? Would you paint your living room pink? Would your husband let you? I asked Mitch that question the other day and he said, "Man! Your style is always changing!" He thought I was serious. So he probably would let me! (Don't worry, babe, there's no way we'll ever have a pink living room.) So are you on board with this latest trend? I'm curious to see if I'm the only "weird" one.


  1. Just for the record, there is no way I would have actually let paint anything pink ;)

  2. I will stick to my neutrals and burlap and such.
    Some cute pink shoes with denim capris and a white summer-y shirt I could go for, with a pink lemonade.

    I guess the blues are getting to me!

  3. Do you not know my love of Pink??! I mean Pink Weds HELLO!!!

    Although not sure I would paint my living room pink.. there are limits!

  4. i have to tell you , i love pink. and in our first house the living room was "quartz rose" or light pink...and steve...he lets me do what i want :)


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