Monday, February 28, 2011

New (to us) Furniture

In my last post, I shared with you my frustration with people selling things on Craigslist and not responding back when inquiries were made. Well I guess I spoke too soon because on Saturday I received a call from one of the people I emailed concerning their living room furniture. And what was really weird was I knew the person! She goes to the same Bible study I go to. Small world, right? Anyway the furniture was just what I was looking for and the price was right ($100 for both). The set included a couch and a chair and a half. Perfect for our small living room. I always wanted more seating in our living room but didn't think we could get a couch and a love seat in there. Well this is the perfect solution!

Both pieces need a good cleaning. They're not filthy, just spotty. I think I'm going to try using some sort of spot cleaner. Any suggestions? My father-in-law suggested I take them to the car wash. He did that once with a couch he had and it turned out beautifully. So...maybe if the spot cleaner doesn't work you'll see me at the car wash sprayin' these puppies down:)

And this is the other side of our living room. We brought up the two chairs from our finished basement. (It's always cheaper to go shopping in your own home!) I think they look good and are really functional there. I stuck the lamp on top of the dresser cause we have no other lighting in our living room currently. We're working on getting recessed lighting in there. I'm picturing a collection of white ceramic things on top of that old dresser. Like vases or something. Speaking of that old dresser, I've loved that thing for forever. Seriously, when I was a little girl growing up in South Jersey (I was probably around 7-8 yrs old), a family gave that dresser to us. And it's always had a soft spot in my heart. So now it resides with us. Just not sure if it's going to stay in this spot or not. I have a smaller sofa table that I want to try there before I decide. 

So there ya have it: my "new" living room furniture. Can't wait to get started on pillows for the couch (think bright, fun, and cheery), painting the walls (a similar color, just less blue), and hanging (semi-homemade) art. I'll keep you posted! Just wanted to encourage you to not give up on Craigslist--it can work. My living room is living proof.


  1. Those are great pieces, Kat! Good find! I'm always amazed at how well you do with Craigslist...I guess perseverance is key!

  2. So I am thinking about the car wash idea and have this mental picture...just saying. Have fun decorating!

  3. Love that dresser as well!! And I've always loved putting dressers in livingrooms and entrys ect. I'm really enjoying watching you decorate and change your house - living vicariously through you right now I guess :-)

  4. Congrats on the new furniture! I love that lamp and dresser, why don't you use that for the new baby?


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