Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bulletin Board Inspiration

I love the look and functionality of a corkboard/message center in a kitchen so while thinking about our new kitchen, I wanted to incorporate a place to recharge phones, hang a calendar, put receipts, etc. into the design. I saw these corkboards from Ballard Designs and they got my wheels turning.

Madison Corkboard $99-$299

Madison Corkboard

Susan Kasler Small Sisal Board $139

Suzanne Kasler Sisal Board - Small

This next one is my fave. I love the natural texture as well as the upholstery button detail. So of course I took this as inspiration and decided to make my own. We needed an exact size that I wouldn't have been able to find anywhere. Plus you know there was no way I was spending more than I had to on this corkboard. It's corkboard people! You shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg!

Burlap Message Board $49-$79

Burlap Message Board

So I started out by purchasing a roll of cork at my local hardware center but returned it the next day cause I thought it was too expensive. I'm cheap, peeps. It was $12. I know, not gonna break the bank but I thought I could do better. Plus it was super thin and I wanted something more substantial. Then I remembered that a while ago I purchased a bunch of these tile things at the Pottery Barn Outlet. Collectively they look like this.

3x3 Gray Madison Floral Style Tile Set

Super cute, huh? They were .97 cents a piece. Quite different from the price they're fetching right now on pbteen.com. That whole system costs $349 and that's on sale. (yikes!)

So stay tuned, folks. Mitch and I were working on our new board last night and hope to put the finishing touches on tonight. I can't wait to show you! Have a terrific Tuesday.

*Update: click here to view my completed board.


  1. Don't know if it comes in black but I've painted cork before.

  2. I can't wait to see this! I have been wanting a "kitchen management station" for soooo long. I will stay tuned for some inspiration. :)


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