Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylin' and Profilin'

Move over girls, the boys are back in town. Whoever said it's no fun dressing boys? It is fun. And here's some proof. Check out these cute outfits for the little men in your life.

I love me some layers. These outfits are from The Children's Place.

Ry has this jacket. Well he did. It's too small on him now. Soon B will be sportin' it.


And these outfits are from the Gap

For the rocker in your life.

 And for the nerd.

To ward off predators.

And Gap fundies. They're my fave. Cute, comfortable (I'm sure), and stylish. Got all the bases (and cheeks) covered.

So there ya have it--living proof that dressing boys is not dreaded work after all. There are some sweet looking get-ups out there. Now unless you want to spend a small fortune on buying these outfits, I recommend searching your local thrift shops for them. You can/will find them there.

And lastly, I must share with you this Ralph Lauren sweater that I just found for B at GW. Paid $2 for it. Saw it on their website for $40--and that was on sale. So again, visit Goodwill today and happy hunting!


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