Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Purchases

I must tell you about my latest purchase from Walmart. It's this air popper. And I'm lovin' it. And it was actually cheaper ordering it online and picking it up in the store then to purchase it at the store. Go figure.

My SIL has one and we were enjoying popcorn over their house during New Years Eve when I knew I needed one myself. All you do is add kernels to it and it pops your popcorn. No oil needed. And that makes me happy knowing I'm not ingesting a bunch of greasy oil. Oh but then of course, I melt some butter and pour that on top. You need some flavor, right? It's a fun healthful snack that's easy to do and fun to watch. And for $15.77, you just can't beat it.

And the next thing I just purchased was a calendar from Letter C Design. It was actually my first Etsy purchase ever. I was so excited about it 'cause I have the perfect place to put it--it'll go in our kitchen on the wall of our "message center." I love the calm, soothing color palate. I can't wait to hang it up!

So there ya go. I know, huge splurges. But it's the little things that make me smile. Have you bought anything lately that's brought a smile to your face?


  1. I love ship to store. We ordered a dresser last week from WM and shipped it for free to the store or have it ship to house $100. Um no brainer!

  2. try adding some parmseamen to it.. after you put a little bit of butter on it.. makes a great snack or putting crazy janes on it makes it good too!!


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