Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's Ask the Panel (ing)

If you have paneling on your walls (like we do) this is what it could look like.

It's out with the old, dark paneling and in with the freshly painted kind. You could turn a room that looks dated into something light, fresh, and current.

Here are some pictures of interior designer Lauren Liess's home. It was featured in the December edition of Better Homes and Gardens. All of the rooms in the following pictures have old school paneling on the walls. She prettied them up with simple paint. And the results are stunning. Of course it helps that she's a designer!

The paneling is on the lower portion of the wall in her entryway. Check out that door. (Go Flyers!)

You can tour the rest of her house here

It's amazing what a little paint can do. So don't be afraid to go ahead and paint those dated walls! I personally love the interest that paneling gives to a room. Plus it's more durable then plain old drywall. Try kicking a hole through a paneled wall. So before you go tearing out all that paneling, throw some paint on it and see what you think. You might fall in love after all. 


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first two pictures!! The hardwood floor is to die for! I love how the paneling part is made to look like it is set out away from the green colored wall with the wide molding. Gorgeous!

  2. I love painted paneling so much. Hopefully my next house will have some. But I am starting to like unpainted paneling, the thick real wood kind. Crazy I know but it looks so cozy!

  3. I just really loved all the furniture and make over ideas.They were really simple and looks great.Many of them looks really perfect and it makes the entire room elegant and big.Do please share something on make over of work looking forward to change my work space.


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